Kevin Costner is One Mean Green Oil Spill-Fighting Machine

Kevin Costner Kevin Costner is one Hollywood mega-celebrity using his fame and fortune to light the way for cleaner, greener companies.

In 1989, Costner began investing in technology that would separate oil from contaminated seawater after the Exxon-Valdez oil spill off the coast of Alaska. He has also been funding a team of scientists for the past 15 years to develop technology that could be used for massive oil spills. Kind of like the oil spill in the gulf in late April? Yes, exactly like that!

Since the Deepwater Horizon drill rig exploded in the gulf, it has fueled many, many debates about the welfare of wildlife, the environment and our current economical crisis. The oil spill is costing the US, as well as other nations, millions of dollars and thousands of gallons of oil are being lost every day.

Kevin Costner and his brother Dan have once again shown their commitment to a greener future by stepping in as major investors in Ocean Therapy Solutions. Their machine, Ocean Therapy, does exactly as they had hoped–it separates oil from contaminated seawater. Ocean Therapy, which cost $24 million to build, has been approved to help clean up the oil spill.

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