Get Your Kids Interested in the Environment

Remember the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax? We may have had no idea what it was about when we read it on our own, but if you had a parent who read the book to you and explained that it was about the steadily decreasing environment or you figured it out as you got older. I still love that book and it is now more than ever before where we really need to pay more attention to the world around us. More importantly, as we become more and more passionate about the environment, we will want to instill those same priorities in our children and the most exciting and fun way to do that is to share the love of books.

Children learn a great deal from books, including books that are read to them when they are younger. There are a great deal of books written specifically for children about the environment.

First and foremost, we have The Lorax:
Definitely inspired by the “save the planet” mindset of the 1960s, The Lorax is a warning of ecological deterioration of clear-cutting, pollution and the complete disregard humans have for the environment.

A Walk in the Rainforest:
An ABC book that presents ecological information for young audiences featuring animals and plants found in the rain forest accompanied by a paragraph of each with warnings about endangered species, deforestation and the harm to native people.

I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:
A book all about how children can do their part in saving the planet by being more eco-friendly featuring a little monster named Max who, after being an environmental nightmare, learns how he can make a difference in the world around him.

Planet Earth Gets Well:
A book that encourages kids to think about the world around them and pinpoints how to initiative meaningful change in order to make the planet a healthier place.

Follow the Line Around the World:
This book follows the line through the Sahara Desert, Greenland, Kenya, Australia’s Outback and many other places to take young children around the world and see animals in their natural habitats with a subtle environmental message.

Eco Babies Wear Green:
A book specially for babies and preschoolers about babies going the extra mile to reduce, reuse and recycle.

14 thoughts on “Get Your Kids Interested in the Environment”

  1. I think it’s really important these days to get kids interested in the environment and nature. We need to raise our kids to care about the environment in their home area and further afield. kids tend to naturally be interested in animals and stuff like that anyway so we have a head start trying to keep that interest sparked. Good book suggestions.

  2. My one year old daughter loves books. I always try to get her books that not only are fun for her but are educational as well. I’ll definitely check out a few of your suggestions.

  3. Boys at the house always ask about how you can get the gas, energy, etc. I think we will have to teach them in wise way so that they can see the fact clearly and get prepared for it when they grow up.

  4. As a parent we need to encourage children about environmental protection and care, Such books provide good information to kids about environment related issues. Thanks for providing a good list of books.


  5. That’s funny you have mentioned The Lorax, my young son has just read this at school as part of their little environment awareness project. I do agree with you about not understanding it until a parent explained the story – I am sure I just liked the pictures 🙂

  6. I think this is a great idea, they do learn from books, also TV. Our environment is what keeps us alive, so I think it’s time to get our kids involved so we have a safe future for them. There really is too much pollution going on and our governments haven’t done enough to stop it.

  7. Kids tend to lean toward wanting to save the planet and the resources on it naturally. It is the parents in many cases that need the lesson in environmentalism.

  8. Most of the kids loves the environment.
    They just play around, read books, but i know they love the environment.
    They don’t even know how to do harm on it.
    As they grew mature, what they have observed from mature people is what they are going to imitate the moment they reached maturity also.
    Its the mature people who needs to be a lot of care about this…
    Then later on our young ones will see the good things we do to our world.

  9. Kids do love books having many graphics.
    They also love to play.
    Through this, we could attach some Environmental activities that will make our youngsters enjoy their playing and reading at the same time getting close with the environment.
    As early as possible teach them on how to be responsible in taking care the Planet.

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