KissPat Feather Store Hair Feathers and Accessories Review and $25 Giveaway [Closed]

KissPat Feather Store products

Feathers are a huge trend right now, and they are showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. Feathers have made several recent appearances on catwalks and red carpets, and peacock feathers especially have become a popular wedding theme. After hair feathers became a standout accessory all on their own, they have now been incorporated into just about every accessory imaginable to create fabulous and sometimes daring statement pieces.

I was recently sent a selection of feather accessories from KissPat Feather Store, all of which are really cute and just a lot of fun to accessorize with. I am really excited about them and am glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on these products with you all.

KissPat Feather Store headband I’m going to start with my absolute favorite product, which is the item that immediately caught my attention when I was first looking through the KissPat Feather Store website when the prospect of working with them was first presented to me, and that is the headband.

While they have a wide variety of different types of feather headbands, the one I received is supremely awesome. It is made up of an assortment of predominantly yellow and brown feathers with just a touch of dark blue feathers, and of course, the truly fantastic black and white polka dot feathers, which I am a big fan of! It also features a topaz pear-shaped gem that sits on the end of the feathers, giving it a nice finishing touch without taking anything away from the glory of the feathers, which obviously are meant to make quite a statement on their own. This headband can be worn with virtually anything; dress up, dress down, and let this headband shine as one of the few accessories you wear that day. I love it!

KissPat Feather Store earrings Generally, my taste in earrings is simple and subtle. I have a handful of silver hoops that my father has given me for Christmas throughout the past few years, and those are about all I wear. The feather earrings that KissPat surprised me with are something that I would have never chosen for myself, mostly because I have a hard time taking that initial risk when it comes to nearly anything, and not knowing if I could pull off feather earrings is enough to make me shy away from them all together. Therein lies the reason why surprises are awesome, because these earrings, while definitely not everyday wear, are great for infusing a whole lot of fun into a simple outfit. You can see the detail in them in the picture at the top of this post because unfortunately, I could not for the life of get me a picture with the front of the earrings facing outward while I wore them, which happens when you have earrings of this size that dangle–they take on a life of their own. Surprisingly, at least to me, these earrings are very comfortable; because feathers are practically weightless, so are these earrings, and you can wear them for several hours without feeling the least bit of pulling on your earlobes.

KissPat Feather Store hair feathers

Because KissPat is a feather accessory store, a selection of their products wouldn’t be complete without trying out their hair feathers. Unlike another brand of hair feathers that I became familiar with last year, these are attached to small clips that make it extremely easy to attach to your hair. I was really happy that I didn’t have to re-teach myself how to get that tiny plastic o-ring to attach to just the right portion and thickness of hair. Because of the clip, these hair feathers can be removed in seconds at the end of the day, just as easily as they go in.

I received two different hair feathers; one that is short in length, perfect for my shoulder-length hair, and has really fun, bright pink, blue, and green colored feathers. The other is made up of three larger brown and white feathers that are hung from strips of brown suede. These feathers are much longer, so I clipped them in higher on my head so that they didn’t look funny sticking too far out from my hair. I think both of the feathers look pretty great and after wearing both of them on several different occasions, I was really happy with the fact that the clip did not come loose in my hair, fall out, or shift around; as soon as it was attached to my hair, it was there to stay until I took it out.


I am really thrilled with the accessories that I received from KissPat Feather Store. They are unique, fun, and most importantly, they are all of really great, handmade quality. So, how about I give one of you lucky readers a $25 gift code that can be used to purchase any items of your choosing from KissPat Feather Store? To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.

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I received feather accessories from KissPat Feather Store for review and the opportunity to host this giveaway. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

59 thoughts on “KissPat Feather Store Hair Feathers and Accessories Review and $25 Giveaway [Closed]”

  1. Ohhhh! am i one of the first to make a comment on this giveaway???
    Well my daughter loves the… Favorite- The Starter Kit Feather Hair Extension Mixed Pack!

  2. My favorite is Peacock Bracelet & Real Leather Bracelet Accent Beautiful Peacock Feathers, Colorful Feathers

  3. I like the 14 ” Long Fancy Mixed Colors Hair Feather Extensions Pre-Bonded Sale 6 Bundles Approx 25 Feathers.

  4. the multi hair extention feathers and the feather earrings beautiful thanks for this giveaway

  5. i love the Extend Yourself-Set of 4 Clip In Striped Faux Feather Hair Extension Mixed Style thanks

  6. I love everything!!!!! But my favorite are the 12″ Extra Long Real Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions in Pink !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My favorites? You have to be kidding! – I have dozens of favorites and I already register for an account and newletter with Kisspat!

    Among my most favorites are the “KissPat Handmade Colorful Feather French Twist Updo Decorative Hair Comb For Wedding, Prom and Events!” the “Elegant Event Feather Headband – new 2012″ and the Celebrity Handmade Adjustable Peacock Feather Hairband” – not to mention at least a half a dozen pairs of earrings, and I didn’t even have time yet to look at the necklaces and feather hair extensions…

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