What Does Lady Gaga Taste Like? “Taste of Gaga” Tea in Discussions

Lady Gaga tea Lady Gaga is a huge fan of tea. She is a big time tea drinker, having been seen countless times walking from her car to a building surrounded by her entourage with tea cup and saucer in hand and also sipping from a tea cup during interviews. With all of the publicity Lady Gaga has been giving tea, someone should probably put her face on it already. Well, that’s exactly what several tea companies have been thinking!

Lady Gaga has been pitched by a myriad of tea companies, but the company in the front running for acquiring Lady Gaga as a brand ambassador is Twinings. (Look, they’re already getting publicity just by being in discussions with Lady Gaga. It’s already paying off!)

Twinings was started in 1706 when they first started selling fine teas in England. They have grown over the past 300 years to selling more than 200 teas in more than 100 countries.

Twinings has made Lady Gaga a multi-million-pound offer to be the face of their specialist teas and they also have plans of launching a new tea with her face on it with a name like The Taste of Gaga. The Twinings tasters are coming up with a tea with an oriental flavor with the hope of marketing the tea to a younger generation, particularly in America, since Lady Gaga is said to be making drinking tea cool again.

This is actually a pretty cool idea and a good endorsement idea for Lady Gaga. I’m not sure about the name “The Taste of Gaga” just because it’s kind of, well, weird, but if they re-work the name a bit, it could work out very well for both Lady Gaga and Twinings, or whatever tea company that wins her over.

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