Lady Gaga’s Computer-Generated Googly Eyes Have Sparked a Dangerous Trend

Lady Gaga Bad Romance We have probably all seen Lady Gaga’s video for her song Bad Romance. It has over 240 million views on YouTube and it’s still racking up the views. While the video came out back in November of 2009, people are still pretty obsessed with it, and more specifically, her great big, cartoon-like eyes from the bath tub scene of the video.

Lady Gaga’s eyes in the Bad Romance video are computer generated. They were not simply made from makeup tricks, yet that isn’t stopping people from trying to achieve the look on their own.

There is a certain type of contact lens called circle lens that covers part of the white area of the eye and replaces it with a small, darker ring that extends further than the where the iris normally ends. The end result is your eyes look much larger and with a little makeup, white eye liner and some fake eyelashes, people have recreated the Lady Gaga Bad Romance look.

Circle lenses are already very well-known in Korea, but are gaining more and more attention in the US, where it is illegal to purchase contact lenses without a prescription. That isn’t stopping people from purchasing them from websites who are shipping the lenses to the US regardless of the fact that it is illegal for them to do so. But that isn’t the dangerous part about these contacts.

CBS Medical Corresponded Dr. Jennifer Ashton has weighed in on the dangers of circle lenses, saying that because someone is not getting fitted for the lenses by a doctor, they are either too loose or too tight on the wearer. This can cause some pretty serious infections and also scratched corneas. In some cases, it has been said that these infections can even lead to blindness.

While news of the potential dangers these contact lenses pose for the people who wear them is just receiving a great deal of attention, there are many tutorials on how to apply them and do your makeup to make your eyes look cartoon-like on YouTube. The most popular has nearly 10 million views, which I find pretty troubling.

While new trends are always popping up all over the place as soon as a big enough celebrity wears something, this trend could lead to a potentially serious condition. Blindness is no joke, even if there is a very small chance of actually going blind after developing an infection because of these contact lenses, it isn’t worth it. I just don’t think that putting yourself at risk to go blind is something worth doing as part of a fashion trend that will most likely not exist in a matter of months.

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