Laura Bush Officially Supports Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights

While on Larry King Live to promote her new book, Spoken from the Heart, former First Lady Laura Bush discusses her not-so-public stance on gay marriage and abortion.

While talking to Larry King, she mentions that she was asked about her stance on both issues numerous times while serving as First Lady during both elections. I don’t know how she answered the people who asked her these questions however, because thinking about any time she really spoke to the media, I can only recall canned responses that served more as non-answers than anything else. I could be mistaken, but I really don’t think I am, especially considering what some of the organizations who heard about her appearance on Larry King Live had to say.

Michael Cole, the spokesperson for the gay rights and equality group the Human Rights Campaign responded, saying:

“When the right wing was using same-sex couples as election year pawns and the president calling for a cynical constitutional amendment to deny people rights, we would have welcomed support from the first lady. Nevertheless, her speaking out for marriage equality shows that more and more Americans realize all families need the same rights and protections.”

Right-wing conservative groups also had something to say about Laura Bush’s statement. Carrie Gordon Earll, the spokesperson for the Christian conservative group Focus on the Family issued a statement, saying:

“It’s disappointing to hear Laura Bush, who is a well respected and admired former first lady, espouse positions on marriage and the value of human life that are contrary not only to her husband’s but arguably, according to polls, in conflict with the majority of Americans.”

While I would have personally loved to see Laura Bush make her views on these very important social issues during the presidency of her husband, I do understand why she chose not to and has waited until now to write (another) book and include these messages within it. Given the statement issued by Focus on the Family, she would have been scrutinized quite a bit if she did make her stance more publicly known, as would her husband. I do give her some major props, however, for going against the party her husband is such a proud member of to make her own, personal views more well-known and to give her support to those who have been fighting for equality and choice.

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