LELO Ina Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Lelo Ina The LELO Ina is my new favorite sex toy, or, as its packaging defines it, “pleasure object.” While LELO has quite a vast number of toys and accessories to their name, I hadn’t lusted after one nearly as much as I shamelessly coveted the Ina. When I was first made aware of the Ina I wasn’t particularly interested in it; while it looks awesome, I didn’t absolutely, positively, need it until I had a conversation with a friend of mine who had complained about the amount of pressure the clitoral stimulator put on her clit. This may sound weird to some, but I know I am not alone in this; one thing that makes me fall in complete love with a toy are intense, out of this world vibrations and pressure. As far as I’m concerned, the more pressure I have against my clit the better, short of penetrating my skin. Simply put, the Ina sounded amazingly attractive to me after that conversation and later, Daily Sex Toys presented me with the opportunity to review it for myself. They are pretty awesome.

The Ina arrived in a color-specific LELO box; whatever color the Ina inside is, that’s the color the LELO box is. Inside is a hard black cardboard box; when opened, the Ina is placed inside a cardboard product display with the toy surrounded by plastic. I absolutely despised this plastic insert. I couldn’t get the toy out of it and wound up ripping the cardboard in order to get it out. Also inside the box is a black satin pouch for safekeeping, a charger, a ten year quality guarantee, and a small book of information about the Ina and how to care for it.

I own a few dual action, or rabbit-style vibrators, but the Ina feels completely different than any of the others in my stash. The Ina is made of white hard plastic, while the insertable portion and the attached clitoral stimulator are coated in a colored silicone; mine is bright lime green and it is also available in orange and purple. This toy is incredibly firm with a thoroughly unforgiving curved shaft; seriously, this thing does not budge; it is completely solid and curved enough to hit my g-spot splendidly. The clitoral attachment is just as solid, however, the bottom portion from where it is attached to the shaft is flexible so it can move away from the shaft in order to meet your anatomy. Well, some people’s anatomy anyway.

The biggest criticism of the Ina is the clitoral stimulator and the amount of pressure it puts against your clit and in turn, it’s inflexibility. This proved to be very much true the first two or three times I used it. The very first time I had the tip of the shaft inserted before the clitoral stimulator started prodding at me, making me have to attempt to lift it up and onto me. After the first few times, though, it seems that the base of the clitoral stimulator has become more flexible and easier to work with my vulva while also providing about the same amount of pressure to my clit and its surrounding area, which I love so much.

The Ina has two separate motors; one in the shaft and another in the clitoral stimulator so the vibrations and pulsations never lose intensity in spite of the other. There are eight different modes in the Ina: constant shaft and clitoral stimulation, constant shaft stimulation only, constant clitoral stimulation only, rapid pulses that alternate between the motors, synchronized rapid pulses in the shaft and clitoral stimulator, slow shaft stimulation with quick pulsations in the clitoral stimulator, slow stimulation in the shaft and then clitoral stimulator, and random patterns of pulses and vibrations in the shaft and clitoral stimulator that do, after a short period of time, cycle back. You can trigger the power of the toy as well as the vibrations through the four small buttons on the front of the base. To turn it on, press the + button once and it immediately starts up at the lowest vibration setting in the shaft and clitoral stimulaltor. To increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations, press the + and – buttons to your liking. To change the vibration and pulsation modes, just press the other two arrows up and down until you find the mode you like the most.

The shaft of the Ina isn’t big as much as its curve makes it difficult to thrust, even if you use a generous amount of (water-based) lube. While you can move it a bit, there is really no way to move it rapidly without it getting kind of stuck on its way out. I have learned that with the Ina, I like being able to push it up against my g-spot, which also provides a good amount of pressure with how solid it is, without needing to thrust it rapidly.

The LELO Ina is rechargeable, so you won’t have to waste an obscene amount of batteries. On the bottom of the base of the vibrator, there is a small plastic plug that you can easily remove. Plug the charger into the vibrator and then into the wall. It charges for two hours and works for about four hours a charge.

Due to the level of resounding criticism of this toy, specifically its clitoral stimulator, let me be pretty blunt. This toy is not universal and while I have nothing but good things to say about its function and believe I have given you all adequate background on my personal preferences when it comes to toys, this is not going to work for everyone. No toy does, regardless of who made it, how high quality it is, or what its price tag may be; and at $131 (from Daily Sex Toys, which is the cheapest I have seen it sold for), it could be considered a risky toy purchase. The reviews I have read of the Ina are completely divided; when it works for someone and their anatomy, they absolutely love it and when it doesn’t work for someone, they (understandably) loathe it. This is not a vibrator that sits solidly in the middle with practically anyone I have heard from.

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I received the LELO Ina vibrator for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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