Lifetime Encourages Women to Make their Voices Heard with the Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. Initiative

Your Life Your Time Your Vote

Women throughout history have worked tirelessly, sometimes dedicating their entire lives to fighting for inclusion, diversity, equality opportunities, and the right to even walk into a polling place and cast a vote.

While we have come incredibly far from the days where women were expected to do no more than get married, bear children, and keep their husbands happy, there is so much more work to do. For instance, when was the last time a man was asked if he could handle a promotion at work if he had children at home? The number of women currently holding office in the US is depressing, ranking 79th in the world and behind 95 other countries, and even in the year 2012, our rights as a gender are frequently questioned and challenged.

Lifetime has partnered with nonprofit organizations The White House Project, She Should Run, Women’s Campaign Fund, Running Start, and The 2012 Project to spread the word about the Your life. Your Time. Your Vote. initiative for 2012.

An initiative that was first launched in 1992 (formerly titled Every Woman Counts), Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. is a nonpartisan effort dedicated to amplifying the voices of women in the political process, encouraging women to register to vote, speak out on the issues they care about, and run for office.

Watch Lifetime’s special public service announcement featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria, Loretta Devine, Susan Lucci, Cybill Shepherd, Meghan McCain, and Condoleezza Rice, encouraging women to become involved in the political process–whether by running for office, speaking their minds, or casting a ballot.

This is our country too, and there is no reason why our voices should matter less or go unheard.

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