Lindsay Lohan Denied Bail, Could Be in Custody Until October 22

Lindsay Lohan failed drug test hearing Lindsay Lohan recently failed two drug tests, which you’ve most likely heard about several times already; in one she tested positive for cocaine and in the other she tested positive for Adderall. These drug tests were court-mandated and according to the terms of her probation, if she fails even one drug test, she goes back to jail for 30 days.

Lohan’s hearing with Judge Elden Fox took place this morning and many “reputable” celebrity gossip sites, such as TMZ speculated that the hearing would be “short and sweet” where Judge Fox would remand Lindsay, set bail, a bail bondsman would immediately post bail and Lindsay would be free to walk out until another hearing was set for, again what was speculated to be next month.

The actual hearing did not go quite the way many thought it would. Judge Fox did not hear any arguments from the lawyers before making his ruling, denied Lindsay Lohan’s bail and she was immediately taken into custody.

Lohan wasn’t the only one shocked by the judge’s decision to take her into custody right there, where she was handcuffed and taken from court in a single sheriff’s vehicle and covered by a blanket. Because Lohan’s underlying offense is a misdemeanor, it was believed that the judge had to offer bail.

This story is still developing, but the official ruling is that Lindsay will remain in jail until October 22 when she will then have another hearing. Now how long will she actually serve? I’m sure there are thousands of people who have already started pools.

2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Denied Bail, Could Be in Custody Until October 22”

  1. I know a lot of people are less compassionate about a drug addiction a celebrity has than if it was a neighbor or friend but imagine how easy it could be to fall into the celebrity lifestyle. They don’t usually have the same support structure and can find themselves surrounded by less than honorable company. I hope Lindsay get the help she needs.

  2. Unfortunately, Ms. Lohan needs to spend some “quiet” time to reflect on her life. Whether or not that time is spent in jail or in a Rehab Facility remains to be seen. She does have talent but right now it appears that her life is out of control.

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