What Lindsay Lohan was Writing During Her Probation Violation Hearing

During her probation violation hearing, Lindsay Lohan was seen writing notes on a lined sheet of paper with a red pen. She continued to write notes about her case even after Judge Marsha Revel sentenced her to 90 days in jail.

So what was it that Lindsay Lohan was writing? Well, when she used the paper to cover her face, photographers inside the court room immediately snapped a hi-res image.

Lindsay Lohan court notes
Click to enlarge.

Lindsay Lohan will begin serving her 90 days in jail on June 20th, when Lohan is ordered to surrender in Judge Revel’s court. She will be serving at Lynwood Correctional Facility. When her 90 days in jail are complete, Lohan is also ordered to attend an in-patient rehab treatment center.

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