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Love Me Then Love Me More, a Spotify Playlist

love song

For the past two years (and 16 days) my fiance and I have been planning our wedding. Two incredibly indecisive people makes for a particularly long engagement. Not to mention, we have been together for a little over eight years now and have been discussing the possibility of marriage for three years. Slow and steady wins the race.

Now that we have settled on a location (our backyard), a theme, I think I have the dress (though alterations galore are to come), naturally it is time to start thinking about the music. Like any music lover, I have been thinking about the music for this shindig for almost as long as I have been thinking about any other aspect of the wedding. The music has to be just right, and that special song that becomes “your song” needs to be perfect.

What first began as the narrowing down of a rather lengthy list of my personal favorite love songs ultimately became an entire Spotify playlist. Songs that all have the same running theme generally have the same musical properties and sound good together, so why not make a playlist, right? After adding some classic tunes and love songs I’ve heard throughout my life, I created the Love Me Then Love More Spotify playlist!

Listen, follow, I’ll likely add more songs as I remember/discover them.

You can follow this playlist here, and if you’re so inclined, follow me on Spotify.

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