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Love Snack Time? Van’s Foods Snacks Review

We received Van’s Foods snacks for review. No other incentive was provided and opinions are our own.

I have written about my need and love to snack numerous times, so you know I was psyched to be approached by Van’s Foods to share my thoughts on some of their new natural snacks.

Based in Southern California, Van’s Foods is the leading natural foods brand in gluten-free and allergy-friendly snacks and frozen breakfast foods. Their lineup includes waffles, pancakes, cereal, crackers, snack bars, and earlier this year Van’s extended its snack line to include multigrain chips and PB&J sandwich bars.

Van’s believes that nutritious is delicious and that treating yourself can taste good, feel good, and also be good for you. If you have been sticking to healthier eating goals in the new year, Van’s has created these new ways for you to snack without deprivation or guilt.

Van's Foods chips

Van’s Multigrain Chips (MSRP $3.49) in Nacho, Nacho Man! and Mighty Good BBQ! are loaded with 18 grams of whole grains and just 130 calories per serving. Made with gluten-free brown rice, oats, millet, quinoa, and amaranth, Van’s Multigrain Chips are crispy, crunchy, and flavorful. These guilt-free treats keep it real, containing no high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, or hydrogenated or GMO oils, and they’re great for dipping or enjoying right out of the bag.

Van's Foods chips nutritional info

I could not get enough of these chips. I have never been a fan of regular old potato chips, but I do like the healthier varieties that have come out in recent years. I think it’s the texture that hooks me. I’m very conscious of texture when I am eating anything, and the brown rice, oats, millet, and quinoa that make up the blend of these chips is really pleasant.

Both varieties are delicious and more than satisfy that snacking bug that strikes a couple of hours after dinner when you’re curled up watching a good movie. I was a slightly bigger fan of the Mighty Good BBQ! flavor while my fiance loved the cheddar cheese flavor of the Nacho, Nacho Man! chips. Both bags were practically licked clean in just days of having them in our kitchen.

Van's Foods sandwich bars

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Van’s PB&J Sandwich Bars (MSRP $4.49), a classic blend of real peanut butter and fruit spread, sandwiched between two gluten-free bars made with whole grains for a new take on the classic PB&J. This sweet, chewy delight is available in Blueberry and Strawberry, and is perfect for a quick, nutritious breakfast, lunchtime treat, snack, or dessert featuring 10 grams of whole grains.

Van's Foods sandwich bar

I have always enjoyed the versatility of snack bars. I used to take two with me in the morning on my way to school when I was a teenager, and I still like snacking on them in the morning or as something sweet after dinner. They are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without indulging in something you may not feel too good about later. In my case, I have very sensitive teeth and I am hypoglycemic. I can’t always go to the cakes and cookies and brownies when I’m craving something sweet, so Van’s Foods PB&J Sandwich Bars were just what I needed when I needed it without making me regret it later.

Van's Foods sandwich bar open

Also released for 2014, Van’s has rounded out its newest offerings with fiber and whole-grain-rich, Non-GMO Project-certified Love Your Heart Waffles (MSRP $3.49). Made from a mix of hearty whole grains including whole wheat, barley, oats, and more, each serving of Van’s Love Your Heart Waffles is packed with 34 grams of whole grains and 7 grams of fiber, including 1 gram of soluble fiber.

Studies show that 3 grams of soluble fiber in a daily diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Which Van’s Foods snacks are you excited to try?

17 thoughts on “Love Snack Time? Van’s Foods Snacks Review”

  1. My daughter has a dairy allergy and we always enjoy the waffles. I will take a look for these other products; I think they all look delicious!

  2. I do love snacks, I try to have 3 a day, every day. I could have the crackers with my favorite cheese and I believe my daughter would love the vans sandwiches 🙂

  3. These newer Vans items look great. I love having plenty of healthy snacks around. The PB&J Sandwich Bars look like the perfect grab and go snack.

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