Lululemon Athletica Hosts Salutation Nation, a National Outdoor Yoga Event August 7th

Lululemon Athletica Salutation Nation Lululemon Athletica is celebrating their community of faithful yogis by hosting a national outdoor yoga event called Salutation Nation.

Salutation Nation will take place at participating Lululemon Athletica stores across North America where a complimentary yoga class fit for all levels will be held on August 7th from 9am to 10am (in all time zones.) Keep in mind not every Lululemon Athletica store in the country will be hosting a Salutation Nation event, so to make sure your local store is before you head on down with your yoga mat in tow, check out the list of locations or call your local store ahead of time.

Practicing yoga by yourself is all well and good, at least when you have a good grasp on what you are doing, but being a part of a group greatly benefits everyone involved. Yoga classes can be a lot more expensive than we’re prepared for, so for Lululemon Athletica to host this event, and also make it completely free, is great for every yogi living in a community with a participating store. This is a fabulous way for Lululemon Athletica to not only celebrate their community, but also bring them together to celebrate each other.

Check out the promotional video for Salutation Nation below and don’t forget to head to your local participating store on August 7th at 9am.

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