Help Lunchables Pick 50 Deserving Classrooms to Go on an Inspiring, Educational Field Trip

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Lunchables Field Trips for All

According to The American Association of School Administrators’ 2009 report, 56% of school districts will be eliminating field trips over the course of the current school year. What that means is over 30,000 schools around the country have decided that field trips are too costly at this time to keep within their curriculum.

Economically, everyone has been through some really tough times over the past number of years. We may be seeing slight increases in job availability in some areas of the country, but for the most part we are nowhere near where we need to be. The financial burden we are all feeling on some level does branch out and effect the schools in our communities.

Because of the staggering number of schools who are eliminating field trips, Lunchables Lunch Combinations is helping deserving kids across the country with their Field Trips For All initiative.

Field Trips For All is the first effort to come from the Lunchables Team’s new initiative, Project Potential. This initiative will help empower kids by giving them opportunities to help reach their full potential by providing enriching experiences they might otherwise not have.

I attended public schools all my life and was fortunate enough to attend several field trips throughout my school career. From first-hand experience, I can say with concrete certainty that the field trips I was given the opportunity to attend, like going to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and to Washington, D.C. and the many museums housed there in the eighth grade were some of the most eye-opening and educational times in my life. By not giving kids today the same experiences we all look back on with fond memories, we are robbing our children of educational and exciting life experiences and memories.

By supporting the Lunchables Field Trips For All initiative, we are opening up a whole world of possibilities for children everywhere. Take a look at how Field Trips For All has already been making strides in opening up positive and great experiences for children already with their field trips:

Anyone over 6 years old can nominate a deserving classroom by going to and submitting their nomination. From all of the nominations received, Lunchables will narrow down the choices to 50 classrooms who are deserving of this fine, enriching, eye-opening, inspiring, educational experience and open up more possibilities to these children who may otherwise never have the chance to discover their full potential in life.

Go nominate a classroom of your choice now!Click Here

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  1. It is certainly a confusing situation when schools are cutting field trips while at the same time businesses catering to kids and toddlers are on the rise. Somethings got to give here and I do hope schools understand the importance of enrichment outside of the school setting regardless of financial restrictions.

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