Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Getting into a Luxury Car the Affordable Way

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

When we think of luxury items like designer clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, and vehicles — especially luxury vehicles — we simultaneously file them in our minds as both highly coveted and unattainable. We distance the word ‘luxury’ from our perception of what is realistic for us, as if something that is luxurious is solely meant for celebrities, athletes, and executives worth millions.

What makes a car a luxury vehicle is the culmination of a few different factors, but most of all, luxury vehicles are the trendsetters of the car world. Luxury vehicle companies make it their duty to utilize the latest advancements in technology to create features that pave the way in how we view car safety, comfort, style, and even entertainment. While features found in a luxury car may be available for lower-end cars, they are generally seen as extra features, and you’ll likely be paying more than they would cost if they came in your car standard. This is done so lower-end cars are seen as the more affordable choice, but in terms of value, the features in luxury vehicles are standard and there are no extra fees for them lurking in the fine print.

Luxury vehicles undoubtedly have a higher price tag than other “standard” cars, starting at around the $50,000 range. However, financing and leasing options make luxury fairly easily affordable; the trick is in being financially secure to start with. Assuming that you possess very little or no outstanding debts, your credit score is high enough for you to be seen as an investment with little to no risk for any loan financing and leasing options, and your income is stable, luxury car dealerships will jump at the chance to get you into a luxury vehicle at an affordable price per month.

There are two ways to make luxury vehicles as affordable as possible for the average customer, and that is through either financing a loan to help pay for the vehicle over the course of a typical 5-year payment plan or through leasing the vehicle for 2-to-3 years where you will then have the option of buying the car.

For people who do not have a lot of money for the down payment on a luxury car, which can be about $15,000, leasing is often the more affordable choice. When you lease a luxury vehicle, the monthly payments you must make are less than if you were buying the vehicle. Dallas Mercedes-Benz, for instance, has luxury vehicles including the Mercedes-Benz M-Class for lease starting at $629 per month, which is considerably less than a monthly loan payment would be. As added benefit of leasing a luxury vehicle is that at the end of your lease agreement, you can upgrade to a newer model of the car that has more bells and whistles, or go with an entirely different class of vehicle. The luxury vehicle world is your oyster.

If you have always envisioned yourself behind the wheel of a luxury car but never thought you could realistically afford it, it’s always a good idea to seek out a luxury car dealership in your area and get the opinion and advice of people who have been working in the industry for years and know what they’re talking about. If you’re in the Dallas, Texas area, stop by Dallas Mercedes-Benz who have a service department staff of highly trained technicians and experts who are committed to providing the Mercedes-Benz experience to all of their clients.

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