Lynne Spears’ Reaction to Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy

Lynne Spears, Sarah Palin Teen pregnancies are popping up all over the place, but perhaps the two most notable of the year were 17 year old Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy and birth of daughter Maddie and 17 years old Bristol Palin, daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. But there is one, major difference between the two–Lynne Spears believes that Jamie Lynn was crucified by the public for her pregnancy while Bristol’s pregnancy is being celebrated while her mother, Sarah Palin, is continuously being congratulated and applauded.

Lynne Spears says:

“Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn, you saw how she was crucified – everybody did, firsthand,” Lynne said. “I just feel like it’s been a very hypocritical situation.”

Lynne also speaks about how the public has accused Jamie Lynn of glamorizing teen pregnancy, which she says isn’t the case.

“We don’t want this said, ’cause this would be glamorizing, but I will tell you a secret: her baby does sleep all night,” Lynne explained. “What do you think about those apples?

“Maddie is the best baby I have ever seen,” Lynne added. “She is like a little angel. She’s so contented. She laughs and she coos and ahead of herself with her stages. But of course we can’t tell that because then we would just glamorize it more.”

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  1. If Jamie Lynn Spears was “crucified” more in the public eye, it would be simply because she was a role model to many young girls before she got pregnant, as star on the Family channel, Zowie 101. Sarah Palin’s daughter, on the other hand, really was not in the spotlight or known to anyone until her mom was part of the political campaign.

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