Magazine Print Loose Bottoming Shirt Review from AhaiShopping

I received this magazine print loose bottoming shirt for review from AhaiShopping. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

Vanity Fair loose bottoming shirt

You might remember this shirt from my No nonsense tights and leggings post, in which I paired it with dark grey tights and a green skirt creating a look warm enough for winter, but desperately calling out for spring.

I have been fed up with winter for quite some time now. I have had my fill of below-freezing temperatures and seeing little besides snow and more snow every time I dare look out the window. Even though the temperatures are still dipping into the single-digits some nights (seriously!) I am willing spring to hurry up and get here already; not only by sheer force of will, but also with my wardrobe — colors are my friend! Bright, bold, and fun!

I was sent this yellow long-sleeve shirt that depicts a Vanity Fair magazine print from the super cool and generous folks over at AhaiShopping, a Korean and street style fashion website dedicated to women’s apparel and accessories.

I had quite a few items on the AhaiShopping website picked out before finally narrowing down my selection with surprise, this shirt. The selection on their website is impressive, to say the least, and the prices are more than reasonable compared to similar fashion websites like Romwe and Oasap. This is especially true when you notice that AhaiShopping has an entire $9.99 section — every item in this section is just $9.99 and it ships free. How awesome is that?

Because AhaiShopping is a Korean fashion website, the measurements of the items are in centimeters and the sizes run small. Very small. It is the Land of the Smallest Sizes Ever over there. Keeping this in mind, when you shop their website, it is best to take new measurements of yourself (length, shoulder, bust, sleeve, and etc.) and pay special attention to the fit of each item. Something I noticed almost immediately is that one item’s size large is not always the same fit as another; even items that come in one size, or “free size,” are different fits from one to the next. It is so important to make sure you look at the fit of each individual item before you add it to your cart — and you will be tempted to start adding things to your cart because you simply can’t imagine your wardrobe going on without the addition of one or ten things from them.

Vanity Fair loose bottoming shirt

This Vanity Fair long-sleeve shirt is shown on their website as fitting very loose and long. In each picture, a model is shown wearing the shirt (that also comes in black and green), and on each model the shirt hits thigh-level. This shirt was one of those items that I saw and immediately knew it had to be mine. You know what I’m talking about, right? I looked through the measurements of each size (available from medium to 2X at the moment) and crossed my fingers that it was available in a size that would fit me. Someway, somehow, that shirt would be mine! I ended up getting a size 2X, which fits me nicely, and is even moderately loose, but does not fit as long as it is shown on the website. Slightly disappointing, but honestly expected, as I am very much aware that I happen to be a curvy lady who possesses hips. This happens.

Even with the slight sizing issue, I am pretty happy with this shirt, and if you immediately began coveting it as soon as you saw my pictures, you will be happy to know that it is just $11.46. Above all, I am happiest with how this shirt makes me feel when I wear it: happy and excited for spring.

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