Maintain Your Metabolism and Health with Raspberry Ketone Supplements


I am a big fan of health and nutritional supplements; in fact, I think they’re pretty genius. It’s incredibly difficult, some may even say impossible, to give your body the exact amount of everything it needs every single day. Factor in our collective “go, go, go” lifestyles, food demands in off-seasons, not to mention the amount of a particular food you would have to consume in order to get the right amount of nutrients from it, and what you’ve got left is a perfect recipe for failure.

I used to take a few vitamin supplements everyday during a time when I was pretty much a hermit due to having severe anxiety. Because I wasn’t able to get all of the vitamin D my body needed on my own, I took supplements, and they helped keep me healthy and functioning like a normal human being, rather than going through life like a zombie with a severe vitamin D deficiency. If you’re trying to maintain an active metabolism to benefit your overall health and even lose weight, taking a raspberry ketone supplement has become an overwhelmingly popular course of action.

Raspberry ketone has gained a lot of popularity, due in no large part to its feature on the Dr. Oz show, where he referred to it as “the No. 1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.” However, it has been around for far longer than that–in 1965, it was approved by the FDA and has been supported by a large number of doctors and medical professionals since.

So what, exactly, is raspberry ketone, and why does it work so well to help maintain an active metabolism and help people lose weight?

Raspberries contain a singular ketone that, in its isolated form, has been named Razberi-K. This ketone boosts metabolic functionality and body fat reduction while decreasing body fat absorption and the production of free radicals in your system. A common question is why can’t someone simply incorporate more raspberries into their diet and magically lose weight that way, and the answer to that question is that you would have to consume a huge, unsustainable number of raspberries everyday–about 90 pounds worth!–to provide your body with the ketone levels that would stimulate your metabolic functionality and body fat reduction. This is precisely why it is more practical and efficient to incorporate a twice-daily, all natural raspberry ketone supplement, most brands of which combine both raspberry ketones and green tea extract, a natural metabolism booster and antioxidant, to help your body break down food and fat in the body quicker.

While Dr. Oz may have gone on-record to call raspberry ketone supplements a “miracle in a bottle,” it is always important to remember that on any diet, it is imperative to maintain a proper and healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take a daily multivitamin.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oz Ketone Diet. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

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6 thoughts on “Maintain Your Metabolism and Health with Raspberry Ketone Supplements”

  1. The sis and I are huge fans of Dr. Oz, but I have never heard of raspberry ketone supplements. Must have missed that episode. I am def trying to rev up my metabolism and be more healthier, so I am going to look into this. Thanks Holly!

  2. I take vitamins since I am sure I am missing all the proper essentials in my diet. Never heard of raspberry ketone but, then again, I have never heard of quite a few things. Not sure I will add this to my vitamin intake in the future but it is something to think about.

  3. I agree with Shermika. Dr. Oz is on in our office, like, constantly! We love him and he has an office now here in Sacramento. Still never heard of raspberry ketone but us girls are always looking for a healthy way to burn some energy. Thanks for the info, since we obviously missed that episode 🙂

  4. Thanks for the wonderful article on raspberry. I didnt know these things before. And more over, I liked the picture very much

  5. Give it up to Dr. Oz for letting it be known. I agree with the last point in the post. Nothing can beat a healthy diet, exercise, and vitamin supplments. It is always the best way to go. Rasberry Ketone is just another weapon in our fight to stay healthy. I love the picture too! Those rasberries look juice and yummy!!!!!!!!

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