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Making Your Healthcare Equipment Portable and Patient-Friendly

Your patients rely on prompt medical services. They cannot afford to wait for you or your healthcare workers to push around jalopy carts that bump, get stuck, or tip over while they are being pushed down the hallway. When you are tasked with getting your hospital or medical facility’s carts back into working condition, you may find the task easier by keeping gear like medical casters and other parts on hand. You can find the parts you need for carts and other healthcare equipment by shopping online.

Heavy-Duty Casters

Medical equipment like defibrillators can be heavy. If you place them on a cart that has weak casters supporting the weight, the machinery may fall and the cart may tip over and spill. Rather than risk damaging such costly equipment, you can instead buy casters that are designed to hold up to 250 pounds. You can move lifesaving machines to and from patient rooms without worrying about the cart tipping over or having to carry the machinery by hand.

You can find heavy-duty casters made from durable materials like Rubbermaid and stainless steel for sale online. These materials also ensure that the casters can move across the hospital’s flooring without making deep gouges or leaving behind scratches.

Quick Turn Casters

Hospital staff need to be able to move quickly when critical cases come into the emergency bay or in patient rooms. The cart containing the doctor’s tools and equipment needs to be ready to go and delivered at a moment’s notice.

A cart without casters may have to be pushed by hand or even carried across a long hallway before it can be delivered to the ER or patient room. With casters that are designed to move quickly and turn sharp corners, you can deliver the equipment rapidly without putting the patient’s life at risk. You can also make those quick turns without fearing that the cart will upset, spilling sterilized tools and gear onto the dirty floor.

Patients need their doctors and nurses to be able to take care of them quickly. Part of the speedy patient care depends on how rapidly the healthcare equipment and needed tools can be delivered. Carts that have high quality and streamlined casters on them are easier to move down long hallways and also can turn sharp corners without spilling sterilized equipment or heavy machinery.

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