Matt Damon Defends Teachers at Save Our Schools March [Video]

Matt Damon Save Our Schools March Matt Damon was in Washington D.C. this past weekend where he attended and gave a speech at the Save Our Schools March. He was in attendance with his mother, a teacher in the Boston area, who told the crowd she was very proud of him for giving a speech about creating change within the public school system.

During an interview with a reporter from, Damon defended teachers and the work that they do all over the country. He even went as far as to speak to the cameraman, who had jumped into the interview with a statistic that 10% of teachers are “bad” and that 10% of people in any profession should have made a different career choice. Damon retaliated with, “Well maybe you’re a shitty cameraman, I don’t know.”

Matt Damon has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinions on a whole host of a social and world issues and I have to say, every time he does, I think I like him more.

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