Maven Sleeve Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Maven Sleeve Having never come into contact with a masturbation sleeve, I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to surprise my partner with the Maven Sleeve, with a very big thanks to Babeland for sending it over to us to review. Understandably, neither of us had any idea what to expect from it; how it would work with my partner’s body, how he could manipulate it for maximum pleasure, how the textured nubs and ridges would feel against his skin and of course, if the payoff justified the amount of effort he would put into it.

My partner has always been a rather straight-forward, and I’ll say it, boring man when it comes to how he approaches masturbation. He is a very big fan of his hand, doesn’t bother with lotions, oils or lubes, and can get the job done in a relatively simple and efficient manner. It’s like a science. Being fed up with this tactic of his, I was very eager to see him perhaps enjoy a little more. Indulge a little, if you will. Sadly, his experiences with the Maven Sleeve were nothing as I had hoped they would be.

The Maven Sleeve is made of elastomer, a phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, latex-free material. It is completely body-safe, so those with skin allergies and discrepancies need not worry about how the material will effect their bodies. It is a very stretchy material that is also contoured and textured on the inside with a series of raised ribs meant to stimulate the penis upon insertion and at the base of the shaft and rows of raised nubs, meant to envelope the penis and create pseudo-lifelike sensations akin to a vagina.

It is about 7 inches in length and will accommodate up to 2 inches in diameter. When preparing to put the Maven Sleeve to use, the opening of the sleeve, which seems to be quite wide, kind of stuck to the other side and was basically just all-around a pain to open to successfully insert. Insertion took a little more effort than I thought it would have and my partner said that even when using lube with it, the strain of inserting himself inside actually hurt. To rectify this problem, we found that if he held the sleeve open with as much force as needed to keep it wide enough, he could slip inside, but just barely. This makes me really curious as to how wide he is since 2 inches in diameter is not something many should have to worry about not being able to fit into. While in-use, my partner was adamant that while the inside of this sleeve is very much textured, he couldn’t feel any of the ribs or nubs; this could be, however, due to the amount of lube he needed to use in order to successfully penetrate the sleeve.

To clean the Maven Sleeve, just run it under warm water. Turn it inside out to make sure you get all of the fluids out and be sure to clean thoroughly with an all-natural, all-purpose soap or toy cleaner through the textured material, and rinse clean.

Of course, the Maven Sleeve was the first masturbation sleeve or any kind for my partner. New things take time in order to ensure how well they will work for you, but through our experience, it is easy to come to the conclusion that while the Maven Sleeve may be a radically acclaimed and loved masturbation sleeve, it doesn’t work for everyone and it didn’t work very well for us.


I received the B-Bomb Vibrating Plug for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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