Medical Supplies are Still in Demand in Haiti

medical supplies to Haiti It has been more than two weeks since the disastrous earthquake hit Haiti, leaving countless dead and the rest of its population living in tent cities and fighting for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We have heard quite a bit about Haiti over these past weeks–about what the earthquake really meant to the Haitian people, how, where and what to donate and we have seen most of our favorite celebrities speaking out and raising awareness of the amount of help Haiti needs. It is easy to tune the Haiti-talk out, especially after hearing about it so much day-to-day.While it’s easy for us to forget about Haiti, they certainly have not forgotten what happened there. They have not forgotten about the amount of help they need–and fast.

I was recently made aware of continual relief efforts by Marcy Sasso, the Director of Operations of the Ambulatory Surgical Center, which she stated that the Ambulatory Surgical Center is working with The United Way, Inspire Haiti and The Red Cross to collect all types of medical supplies to be sent to help the relief efforts in Haiti. The following medical supplies are very much needed by the people of Haiti, so if you are in the medical profession or know someone who is, please pass this information along; regardless whether you can donate a case or a box or fifteen boxes of supplies, please help in this major relief effort.

Medical supplies needed:

  • boxes of gloves (regular and latex free)
  • IV solutions and supplies
  • oxygen masks
  • blood pressure cuffs
  • sterile water and saline oxygen tubing, elderly care supplies
  • Band-Aids
  • hand sanitizers
  • anti-fungal creams
  • glucometers
  • alcohol wipes
  • Tums and antacids
  • sanitary napkins, menstrual products
  • Neosporin
  • cotton drapes/gauze, First Aid supplies
  • Aspirin, pain relievers, unopened sample medications
  • walkers, crutches, wheelchairs. canes, walker boots
  • medical soap
  • insulin syringes
  • sheets, towels
  • stethoscopes

Please drop off any supplies to the Ambulatory Surgical Center located at 950 W. Chestnut Street, Union, NJ 07083. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may call 908.688.2700.

Also note, if you are unable to drop off your supplies, Integrated Health will pick them up. Please call the number above to set up a time for your supplies to be picked up.

Woman Tribune has been reporting on the relief efforts, current conditions, ways to donate and how people around the world are uniting to help Haiti in a time of serious and desperate need. We will continue reporting as information becomes available, so please consider following our reporting on Haiti to stay up to date on what is happening there.

One thought on “Medical Supplies are Still in Demand in Haiti”

  1. Thanks Holly, now if I could get planes I could get the million dollars worth of medical supplies to where they are needed.
    The people of Nj have been coming in with crutches and wheelchairs (over 900) amazing. we have the local girl scouts getting scrubs and the boy scouts need to collect flashlights and tents.
    Thanks for posting our efforts.

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