Melissa Joan Hart Hits Dancing with the Stars and Wants Her Fans to Know Sabrina is Gone

Melissa Joan Hart, Mark Ballas Melissa Joan Hart danced the Viennese waltz with partner (and two-time champ) Mark Ballas on Dancing with the Stars. During her interview segment she stressed that she is now grown up, with a family and can appear feminine and grown up and would like her fans to know that her Sabrina the Teenaged Witch is gone and she is no longer that teenaged actress anymore.

While I can appreciate the fact that actors want to move on from the roles they are most known for, especially when you’re known for a show that was beloved by tweens for seven seasons, going on Dancing with the Stars is not what I would deem a career move. Love it or hate it, I believe that Dancing with the Stars was created to give washed up, has-been actors a place to show their faces after sometimes years of unemployment where they can relish their limelight for a good 5 minutes and ultimately die. That should actually be Dancing with the Stars‘ tagline: The Show Where Actors Come to Die.

If you didn’t catch Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas on Dancing with the Stars, you can watch it now:

One thought on “Melissa Joan Hart Hits Dancing with the Stars and Wants Her Fans to Know Sabrina is Gone”

  1. I agree with you — Dancing with the Stars should be called “Dancing with ex-stars who wish they were still stars so this is a desperate last-ditch attempt for publicity.”

    I don’t watch it, obviously =)

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