Melissa McCarthy to Host “Saturday Night Live”, Check Out the Promos [Video]

Melissa McCarthy I have not watched an episode of Saturday Night Live in years; not since Tina Fey portrayed Sarah Palin, which I still find totally hilarious. However, this week’s episode will be hosted by Melissa McCarthy and that is pretty much all the reason I need to tune in.

I’m actually pretty surprised and kind of sad that Melissa McCarthy hasn’t hosted an episode of SNL yet. She gained a lot of attention and acknowledgement through Bridesmaids and that would have been a great time to have her on the show. I guess she just had to prove her comedic worth to SNL by winning an Emmy.

I have high hopes for her hosting SNL, especially after watching the promos for the episode which you can check out below:

Photo by Diario El CarabobeƱo

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