Meninos Tampon Flash Drive — Simple and Different Indeed

tampon flash drive

After all the years of companies trying to come up with shocking, totally out there products, I do not frequently come across something that makes me think “Wow, did they really do that?” But that’s exactly what I did when I came across the tampon flash drive from Meninos, an online retailer that reminds me, in a lot of ways, of ThinkGeek when it comes to simple products like t-shirts, mugs and yes, tech gadgets like flash drives that are utterly hilarious and not really compatible with everyone’s taste level.

Sadly, there is no definitive price on the tampon flash drive, which has to be horrible for sales because I know I’m not one to go ahead and email a company about a product they have failed to make openly available. I did immediately think that I needed this product when I first saw it though because, what can I say, I really like weird things that start some even weirder conversations. Not to mention that I also run a website called Menstrual Poetry. This tampon flash drive would be hilarious and I would love it, but what about you? Would you carry this flash drive around with you and undoubtedly collect very weird stares from people who catch a glimpse of it?

One thought on “Meninos Tampon Flash Drive — Simple and Different Indeed”

  1. Ohhh, man. This one is awesome. I went straight to the website and I see what you mean. How disappointing, no more information to be found. I hope it isn’t a hoax, because I would snap one right up!
    I would love to have this on my keyring, or even as a phone fob, if I know it won’t scratch my phone. I would definitely want to keep this somewhere public, where it can be easily seen. There are all kinds of funny/silly/ridiculous USB drives, and I think something as simple as a tampon is testament to both the lengths someone would take to disguise their USB drive, as well (and more importantly) as how taboo something as basic as menstruation continues to be in our culture. If looking at my tampon-drive makes you uncomfortable, sir, it may be high time you reevaluate when something is funny and why.
    …I also think it is daaaamn sexy when a techno-girl can laugh at herself.

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