Merry Widow Lingerie Review from MyPleasure

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Merry Widow lingerie Rather than a sex toy review, today I have a lingerie review from MyPleasure; although I will be back next week with a vibrator review (and giveaway!) so you can also look forward to that.

I received the Merry Widow sheer lace lingerie set just in time for Valentine’s Day. That was, in fact, the entire thought behind receiving this piece of lingerie. I have grown bored and apathetic with all of the lingerie I own and how I look in it, and my partner has already seen what my collection holds, so it was about time to add something new, and something unlike anything else I have in my possession already.

The Merry Widow is two separate pieces–a top that is referred to as being “corset-like” because of the hot pink ribbon that laces about a third of the way up the top, and a matching g-string that features a small hot pink bow in the center of the waistband that is also incorporated into the top with the same bows adorning both straps. The entire set is made of 100% nylon and with the exception of the hot pink bows and lace, is completely black. The material resembles fishnet and like fishnet, is see-through to an extent. These pieces also feature a floral pattern throughout.

Merry Widow lingerie back Overall, the Merry Widow is really comfortable. The top has adjustable shoulder straps that actually have enough leeway to them to accommodate a range of size, which is a huge plus because regardless of the size of a lot of lingerie I own, my breasts always, always find a way to burst out from the constraints of the top. No matter how tight I adjust the shoulder straps in hopes of keeping them under lock down, this always happens. They obviously have a gift, and it is annoying, especially when it’s hard to feel all sexy when you’re constantly pulling, tugging and adjusting the material around you.

There are also six garters around the bottom of the top which, obviously, are meant to latch on to a pair of nylons or stockings. These are not included, so be sure that you have a pair that will match and look great with this lingerie at home.

While the top is awesome and fits great, the g-string is a little tricky. Firstly, there is a tag on the inside of the front of the g-string, which is not part of what makes it “tricky”, but it’s just weird, so you should remove that tag. Now, for what makes it tricky! Initially, I put the g-string on and took it off a number of times, convinced I was doing something wrong or that my ass was defective. Of course the thought of the g-string itself being defective would have entered a more sane person’s mind, but not mine. I had to be the defective one. Though it turns out neither of us were defective at all because the g-string has this little piece of material in the back, where the string that goes up the back connects–and loops around–the waistband. Due to the looping around of string, you can move this string around the waistband. On one hand, this makes people who put it on for the first time think that their bodies are defective and on the other, this looping magic trick of adjustability makes it just that–completely adjustable and able to fit your curves and specific shape. Another check mark in the ‘pro’ column.

I have worn the Merry Widow lingerie a number of times and it has held up great. The tag instructs that you can wash this lingerie in your standard washing machine on cold and warns not to use bleach, which would of course ruin it. I personally hand wash all of my lingerie because I’m overly-cautious like that, and the Merry Widow has held up through numerous hand washings and dries completely while flat.


I received the Merry Widow lingerie set for review from MyPleasure. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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