Milk Causes Impotence? PETA Seems to Think So

Peta impotence PETA has a very long history of promoting their vegetarian and vegan lifestyle by using very bold approaches that are often outright offensive, sexist, misogynist and above all, untrue. Yet another notch in the ‘PETA lies’ bedpost is their newest Santa Clause ad which claims that cow’s milk causes impotence.

In my (most humble) opinion, PETA is merely using scare tactics (or “kicking a guy when he’s down,” in a matter of speaking) in order to get people to pay attention. Sadly, their ‘punch in the gut’ tactics have worked, which is why we’re still seeing ads from them popping up again and again, all of them skirting right on by questionable and pushing up against insulting and this ad in particular, if you took PETA’s logo off of it, it could have been an ad for how to buy Viagra online.

There is absolutely no proof to be seen that supports their accusation that cow’s milk causes impotence and because so many of their ads and promotional techniques have been brought to question by several different reputable resources over the years, there are a great number of people who see them for who they truly are. People who are vegetarian and vegan and who would support PETA, had it not been for their “shock jock” nature, have seen through them for years and by using these types of marketing techniques and creating health risks that have no factual data supporting it to put on billboards, flyers and other marketing materials, they are alienating the same people who would otherwise support them and their cause.

3 thoughts on “Milk Causes Impotence? PETA Seems to Think So”

  1. I’ve always been one who had an erection all day long but for a few months I noticed that I stopped have multiple erections throughout the day and sometimes couldn’t even perform 🙁 I didn’t know what was happening but it was the most depressing thing ever. I had given up on sweetened drinks and made a vow to drink only unsweetened drinks and lots of milk.

    But as a single guy I eventually stopped grocery shopping frequently and thus stopped buying milk for a couple months and started to notice the morning and office erections were back. I didn’t immediately make the connection but once I started thinking about what was different I can only assume my lack of erections were due to too much milk.

    I’m being 100% honest – I love MILK but as god as my witness I know milk was the cause.

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