Monday Morning Tunes: Beyonce


Beyonce is queen. I think that at this point we have all come to accept this as proven fact, right? So as such, is there any other artist better to start your Monday off than the fierce, proud, and unwavering queen herself? I think not.

Music has always been a kind of security blanket for me. Whatever I am feeling at any particular moment, there is a band, a singer, an album, a song that I can go to that conveys exactly those feelings. So in my attempts to make 2015 a more upbeat and productive year, as opposed to the thick fog of depression that loomed over me for much of 2014, I have been listening to a lot of Beyonce — particularly her 2014 self-titled album that gave us a new feminist anthem that the movement quite frankly needed. Way to go, Bey!

If you haven’t listened to the “Beyonce” album in its entirety, you absolutely should. It is fun while also having a lot to say about being a grown woman in the world today — about beauty, relationships, marriage and what it is to be a wife without compromising your independence or your career, and motherhood.

Together, we’re gonna make 2015 a year full of love, accomplishment, and above all, happiness. It will be a year that far outweighs all that was dark, gloomy, grey, anxious, crippling, and frustrating about 2014. Who’s with me?

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