Monday Morning Tunes Christmas

Monday Morning Tunes: Christmas 2014 Collection

Monday Morning Tunes Christmas

As you (hopefully) cross off the last tasks on your holiday to-do list, and spend these last days before Christmas with those you love the most enjoying your annual holiday traditions, now is the perfect time for a Christmas music playlist.

We’ve got some classics, because no Christmas playlist can exist without Bing Crosby or Tony Bennett, some more recent singer/songwriters, and some bands you probably wouldn’t expect to hear doing Christmas music. I’m actually impressed by the variety of music I was able to cram into this playlist.

I’ve pretty much taken care of your complete Christmas music needs. You’re welcome.

I created this playlist using Spotify. You can listen to it above, follow, or open it up on web here.

You can also find this playlist on Rdio.

If you’re looking for other music recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Fire up our Woman Tribune’s Monday Morning Tunes playlist that includes almost every song that has been featured here in our weekly Monday Morning Tunes posts.

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