Emily Jane White

Monday Morning Tunes: Emily Jane White

Emily Jane White
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Emily Jane White is a songwriter, pianist, and guitarist with a haunting and beautiful voice that I want to hear all the time. I will likely forever be in love with the title track of her debut album, “Dark Undercoat.”

The first three albums of Emily Jane White’s tell an underlying story — a story of a songwriter perfecting her art as she truly finds herself and the voice she wants to project to those open and ready to listen. She has accomplished just that in her latest album, “Blood / Lines.”

Emily Jane White is a cerebral experience. Her voice is delicate, then sharp and matter-of-fact. The lyrics she writes are akin to being hit in the face with an emotional 2×4.

This is music that stuns you, knocks the wind out of you, and it hurts in the way that being open and vulnerable and honest with yourself hurts.

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