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Halsey has been poised to take over the role of our newest indie pop sweetheart since the release of her 2014 EP “Room 93.” With songs that explore the vulnerability of isolation and truly having to deal with yourself, her songs “Ghost” and “Trouble” have gained attention from the likes of Sirius XM, “Last Call with Carson Daly,” Billboard, SXSW, Teen Vogue, as well as the producers of MTV, who played “Trouble” during an emotional scene of the show “Catfish.” And yes, we’re totally aware that Halsey makes the second artist after Broods to be featured in Monday Morning Tunes because of an episode of “Catfish,” so thank you, Nev and Max, for that.

Halsey’s voice is the perfect accompaniment to late-night writing sessions. Even as of the writing of this post, the tamber of her voice cuts through the dark room lit only by the screen of a laptop, demanding attention as the rhythm of her dynamic melodies progressively speed up and then slow down again.

Despite the fact that “Room 93” is only five songs long, we have had Halsey in frequent rotation. One June 2, we received a small offering of what we can expect next. “Hold Me Down” from her upcoming album “Badlands,” due out in August, is a refined sound that delves deeper into the themes of her EP.

While her music speaks volumes all on its own, what truly excites and inspires us about Halsey is an interview she gave in Teen Vogue. It is rare that we get a young female artist who is not only willing to call herself a feminist, but does so right out of the gate, without having to clarify, backpedal, or apologize for not doing so sooner. At 20 years old, Halsey is impressively fierce and strong, and she knows what she wants. She accepts that she is not and will never be the “perfect” anything, but knows who she is and is only concerned with being the most honest and authentic version of herself possible. It’s really what any artist can hope to be.

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  1. I have found out about a few new music artists over here. I am going to check her out because we have similar taste in music.

  2. I have not heard much about her. But she does have a great voice. Being a Music Lover I would definitely love to know more & hear more of her Music.

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