Horse Feathers

Monday Morning Tunes: Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers
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Horse Feathers is my favorite kind of folk music. It is the kind of music that commands every ounce of your attention and makes you feel to the bottom of yourself.

The first song I heard by Horse Feathers was “Fit Against the Country” and by the time the song reached the chorus, I was already looking up their full albums. I had to hear more.

I found a really beautiful album in Horse Feathers’ “Cynic’s New Year“. There are few bands out there that make me feel thankful for having heard them, but that is exactly how I feel about Horse Feathers.

The best way I can think to describe the experience that Horse Feathers delivers is that their songs delve into the hurt and the ugly that can speckle all of our lives, but somehow at the end you see the beauty in it all.

Justin Ringle is the constant of Horse Feathers. While he is most often joined by multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick, the rest of the sound consists of the talents of a rotating ensemble of musicians, including several string players that create a very special harmony with Ringle’s unique, soothing, yet still just gritty enough, voice.

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