Katie Herzig

Monday Morning Tunes: Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig

Me and a very good friend of mine have always loved sharing music with one another. It’s our thing, along with having what some might call inappropriate conversations that could easily be labeled as “TMI.” Obviously, we have the best conversations. We also both have incredibly varied taste in music, and in all of the years we have known each other (something like 13 years now, wow how time flies), some of our favorite music has come at the recommendation of the other.

When I first heard Katie Herzig, I messaged her with the demand that she listen immediately, but I had so many favorite songs that I couldn’t choose. Asking someone to listen to just a few songs instead of an entire album is a disservice, especially when it comes to Katie Herzig. She is better than the snippets of her work that I could send in a quick Facebook message. Her catalog of work is so much better when it is given the time and attention it rightly deserves. You will appreciate everything she puts into her sweet, twangy sound and the construction of a catchy melody held up by the integrity of a whole lot of heart.

Katie Herzig has been part of the music industry since the late 90s, all the while being an independent artist not signed to any major label. This is something that I have an immense amount of respect for, given the fact that my fiance is an independent professional musician. I know first-hand that this road is not always an easy one, but the freedom it allows you means that the music you put out is 100% authentically your own, and you afford yourself the luxury of always remaining true to yourself.

Quite a few of Katie Herzig’s songs have been featured in television shows (most notably “Grey’s Anatomy,” six different songs in six different episodes, as well as “Smallville,” “One Tree Hill,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “Cougar Town,” among others), commercials, movies, as well as the movie trailer for Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks.”

Katie Herzig appeared in the 2008 independent documentary, “A Nashville State of Mind,” and was featured in the campaign “30 Songs/30 Days” supporting Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

Katie Herzig is a female singer-songwriter that will carve out of a place in your heart and cuddle up inside of it. She has shared the stage with the likes of Brandi Carlile and Missy Higgins, both of which she can easily hold her own next to. She is simply a mesmerizing, heartfelt treat.

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