K's Choice

Monday Morning Tunes: K’s Choice

K's Choice
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I am not playing fair at all. K’s Choice is not a new band to me by any means. This Belgian band, formed by brother and sister Gert and Sarah Bettens, have been around since the mid-90’s. I have been a fan of theirs since the early 2000’s, when I would walk miles everyday with their albums, “Paradise in Me” and “Almost Happy” blaring through the headphones of my discman.

God, I’m getting old. I should really walk more.


“Almost Happy” has always, since the very first time I heard it, been my go-to companion in times of desperate, unwavering quiet. The quiet that makes your ears ring; the kind of quiet that makes you suspicious of just how firmly rooted your feet are to the ground because the earth just may spontaneously open up and swallow you whole.

It is that soothing, honest, and raw voice that gives words to emotions that should not have words to describe them because they are ugly and all that is wrong with what has become of being human. It makes you remember to breathe in times when you’re not sure you want to.

Right now, I need to be reminded to breathe.

K’s Choice is the only band that I could have possibly written about today, and “Almost Happy” is the only album I will likely have playing until I can adequately stabilize myself.

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