The Naked and Famous

Monday Morning Tunes: The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous
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The Naked and Famous has been in frequent rotation in my life for the past couple of years, ever since I first heard their song “Young Blood.” After that first listen, I was hooked.

I have mostly listened to The Naked and Famous while cleaning my house (I always need upbeat, happy music I can awkwardly dance my heart out to while cleaning), or when I’m just in the mood to listen to music that makes me feel good without any real effort on my part. It’s amazing when a good song can just magically make you happy and want to dance, and that is what most of their first album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You,” does to me every single time I listen to it.

After two years, The Naked and Famous has just recently released their second full-length album, “In Rolling Waves.” While different — slower, and a little more melancholy than their inaugural album — I loved hearing a new side of this alternative rock band from New Zealand.

The first single from “In Rolling Waves” is “Hearts Like Ours,” a perfect choice given that it is one of the few songs on this album that could have sat comfortably on their last. It makes for an easy transition for fans of “Passive Me, Aggressive You” to tread the slower water of “In Rolling Waves.” See what I did there?

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  1. I was way into music when I was younger, now my music consist of ABC, 123, Here we go around the Mulberry bush…you know what I mean!!! I have to say, I have not heard of that band, then again…I’m sure it’s my age!!! Keep Rockin’ Holly!!

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