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Monday Morning Tunes: Nicholas David

Nicholas David
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Nicholas David competed on season 3 of the NBC vocal talent show, “The Voice,” which is the only talent-based competition reality show that I watch. Season 5 premieres tonight, so you know what I’ll be doing.

While the first time I heard Nicholas David was on this show, where he scored a spot on CeeLo Green’s team, sang his way to the top 3, and amassed an extraordinary fan base, he had been busy honing his craft for over a decade prior.

Before his success on “The Voice,” Nicholas David released 5 albums, which received ample praise and national radio airplay. His career, like most every other musician out there, revolved around the struggle of getting the music he created into the ears of others. He was afforded that opportunity while on “The Voice,” and it was an awesome treat to watch week after week.

I have mentioned Nicholas David to my fiance multiple times. The last time I did, he could only smile and ask me, “What is it with this guy?”

Well, Nicholas David is soul from the word ‘go.’ It exudes from him in everything he does, the songs he writes, the way his sings them, and how he never looks fully in control of himself. He just moves along with the rhythm of the music and it all comes together effortlessly. His voice always makes me smile.

Nicholas David proved that he wasn’t just going to fade back into obscurity after his stint on live television. He released a 4-song EP this year and it is touching and full of soul, just like him.

The title track of the EP, “Say Goodbye,” is such an incredibly warm and beautiful song. It exemplifies who Nicholas David is as a songwriter and performer through and through.

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