John Legend and Common Oscars 2015

Oscars 2015 Must See Performances

John Legend and Common Oscars 2015
John Shearer/Invision/AP

Who watched the Oscars last night? We did, we did!

Admittedly, we are not avid watchers of awards shows around here. Some years we’ll make it a point to watch, other years it just so happens to be on and so sure, we’ll sit through a 3 1/2-hour broadcast. This year was a little different. We weren’t doing much of anything else, the Oscars came on, and my fiance and I were both yolked to our Twitter accounts throughout the entire live television broadcast. What makes awards shows better? Real time social media interaction, of course!

There were a few things off, wrong, and totally tone deaf about last night’s Oscars, but we’re sure you’ve already seen your fair share of opinion pieces circulating today, so we’ll spare you. You’re welcome. Instead, let’s relive three performances from last night that got everything right, shall we?

Jennifer Hudson’s ‘In Memoriam’ performance of “I Can’t Let Go” (a song that was written for Hudson’s character in “Smash”) was a stunning and heartbreaking tribute to those the film industry and the entire world have lost in the last year.

Lady Gaga pretty much blew everyone away with her incredible tribute to “Sound of Music.” Way too many people had written Gaga off right after she came out with “The Fame Monster” and was posing in meat dresses. They thought she was relying on shock value with little talent to bolster her star. After an image makeover that led her to Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga rounded out her transformation on the Oscars stage. And when Julie Andrews walked out after Gaga’s performance? Perfection!

But the very best performance of the night, hands down, has got to go to John Legend and Common performing “Glory” from the Oscar-nominated film “Selma.” The recreation of the march on the Edmund Pettus Bridge was breathtaking, and by the end of the song I was in tears. It was such a beautiful and important performance, and these artists deserved the Oscar they took home last night and then some!

What was your favorite performance of Oscars 2015?

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