Monday Morning Tunes: Robyn

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I was 11 years old in 1997 when Robyn’s song “Show Me Love” was one of the biggest, most popular songs in the country. It was all over the radio and when me and my best friend at the time got together, we would put the CD in and dance around her bedroom as the song played on repeat. Those were the days, right?

Robyn didn’t put out a second album until 2005, and by that point most everyone had pretty much forgotten about her. Such is the entertainment industry.

Her third album didn’t come out until 2010, and it took me until now to hear a couple of tracks from it while listening to my new favorite Spotify playlist.

Robyn’s album “Body Talk” is one of the most diverse offerings of pop music, and exactly what I would expect to hear from the Robyn I remember dancing in my girlfriend’s bedroom to as a tween.

Robyn is also a pretty great person on a purely human level. In 1999, she traveled the world for two years as a UNICEF ambassador.

I love hearing when celebrities I adore have committed themselves to doing good in the world, and that is precisely what Robyn has done; on top of once again creating music that makes me want to dance all over the house.

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    1. RIGHT!? She is pretty incredible, and yet the US doesn’t really care. It’s so unfortunate. She deserves a lot more recognition than she has.

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