Monday Morning Tunes: Soley

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The first time I heard the unique sound of Soley, I was sold. I was completely captivated.

The Icelandic multi-instrumentalist had traveled the entire world and back again as part of the indie act Seabear before recognizing and becoming comfortable with her own vocal abilities and delving into solo work.

In 2011, Soley released the album “We Sink.” I have not been able to get enough of it since I heard it for the first time a couple weeks ago.

Out of the 13 tracks, the song “I’ll Drown” became a quick favorite.

How about a live version?

9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Tunes: Soley”

  1. I have not heard of Soley before this post, but I love her voice. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy live versions of songs. It shows the artists real talent and she has it for sure!

    1. I feel the same way about when artists perform live. Whenever I listen to and really like a new singer/band, I always look up their live performances to see how much of them is real, live talent and how much is studio magic. I am especially impressed when an artist is even better live.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I had never heard of her before. No telling how much great talent is out there that we don’t get to see or hear.

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