Make Your Next Move a Truly Stress-Free, Exciting Experience — Hire Movers #ad

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Nearly every moving experience I have ever endured has been nothing short of terrible. The circumstances that arose that forced me to pack up everything I owned and haul it to a new place of residence have always made for moving experiences that left me proclaiming, as loudly as I could, “never again!”

A little over five years ago, we moved from one apartment to another about 40 minutes away–in the middle of an ice and snowstorm in February. The circumstances surrounding our move was that the roof in our old apartment had caved in after a particularly harsh snowstorm and our slumlord of a landlord actually expected us to live in an apartment with a partially exposed and caved-in roof for at least a month. So we moved as fast as we could. A friend of ours was living in an apartment building where there was a vacancy, and because we were friends with him and he had been a great tenant, the landlord let us move in before even meeting us. We got lucky. We ended up staying there for four years.

The last time we made a move was when we moved from that apartment into our own home. Our lease happened to be up and we also happened to have found the house we intended to purchase. What was perfect timing on one hand was terrible timing on another. We moved in February, in the snow, again.

That move was easily the hardest move of the five I have made throughout my adult life. It resulted in me crying in the middle of our brand new kitchen, sitting at our just-put-together kitchen table, unable to bear even the thought of lifting another box after two and a half days of non-stop moving. But that last move, while the hardest, was also the most comforting, because I knew that it would at least be a while before I would have to move again, if ever. This was a house that was ours, after all. And if I ever do have to move again, I have one magical word that will without a doubt enter the equation: movers.

Moving is stressful and exhausting. It can easily bring out the worst in people, and quickly. Even when I think back to that last day of moving into our home, I do not recognize the memory of that woman crying out her frustrations and exhaustion, dreaming of nothing but a hot shower and a warm bed. That person was not me; that was me on moving.

With how much moving takes out of you, physically as well as mentally, if you have the extra money to spare, there is no reason not to hire movers. Professional movers can practically be miracle workers; taking away the stress, frustration, and exhaustion of moving and allowing you to feel what you should be feeling while approaching a life in a shiny, new place — excitement and joy.

Of course, like with any other service, all professional moving companies are not created equal. It’s important to do your research and to ensure that the moving company you hire to move your precious belongings from one location to another will treat your property the same way you would–with the greatest of care and respect.

When researching moving companies, it is imperative to deeply investigate each and every company you might consider hiring. Pay special attention to the following areas of their business:

  • The licenses and insurance held by the drivers
  • The company’s record with the Better Business Bureau
  • If the company is a member of any accredited associations
  • Where their primary place of business is located
  • Read online reviews left by previous customers

Amazon Relocation, for instance, is one of the moving companies in New York that offers immediate on-call service for relocation to New York State, Chicago, Boston, or Florida. They specialize in cross-coast and cross-country moves and are quick to offer up their validity and accreditation right on the front page of their website, including the fact that they are longtime members of the American Moving and Storage Association. Being a member of an association with leverage behind it shows a company’s validity, and is a very important aspect of researching any moving company. You want to see their participation in organized associations that are trusted and have proven themselves to do great work and provide a sound service.

The moving market is a competitive one, just like most other services out there. One word of advice: don’t always trust the lowest price or the most eager company. Be sure to thoroughly research any business and their personnel before allowing them access to your irreplaceable possessions.

While it is the responsibility of a moving company to make the process of picking up your packed boxes (or even doing the packing for you, if the company you choose offers it) and moving them to your new place of residence unscathed, it is your responsibility to make sure you are sure that they will follow through with their end of the deal, and the best way to research a company is to look at the way they have previously done business.

Good luck on your next move, and be sure to make it as stress-free as possible.

2 thoughts on “Make Your Next Move a Truly Stress-Free, Exciting Experience — Hire Movers #ad”

  1. I’m with you moving is such a pain! When I moved from MI to CA I really thought I was going to lose it, next I will surely be hiring a mover.

  2. I never found moving to be a stressful experience, I had always looked at it as an adventure… however, our last move changed my mind about all that.

    It was a cross-country move, which I had done before (without and then with three children), twice, with minimal stress… the difference this time was my age (unfortunately, 10 years older). Age made a huge difference – and I hadn’t thought about or anticipated that.

    It took longer to settle (get our “local” papers and kids’ lives in order, etc.) and everything turned out ok, but I will definitely take age into consideration if we are thinking about moving again!

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