Moving Day Preparation and Tips

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Moving is such an overwhelming and daunting task. From the truck rental to trying to condense, organize, situate, and stay on top of it all; but it’s a snowball effect–one thing goes wrong and then the next and the next. You get the idea.

Below is the checklist I am using to try and reduce my stress level through the move I am currently in the midst of making. It should be handy whether you are doing the move, or you have hired movers. The fact that my husband will be traveling for extended business definitely makes it harder.

  • Make a detailed list. You need to write everything down–room to room–from what you need to buy, donate, throw out, and especially catalog the items you’ve boxed up so that you can reference it later. A simple spiral notebook is all you need; it’s more about the details you provide. You’ll thank yourself later, trust me.
  • Stock up on extra supplies. There is nothing worse than running out of the items you need. And, if you are a night owl such as me, this can be a problem. Running out at midnight to get boxes is less than appealing, and not practical. Over estimate how many boxes you will need, how much tape–all of it. You are definitely going to need more than you think you will need, and unused supplies can always be returned.
  • Wardrobe boxes. These wonderful boxes can be used for everything from clothing to comforters and you’ll still have more room, but at the same time, don’t overstuff them or moving them will be a challenge.
  • Color code. As mentioned above, if you have a master list that goes room by room, color coding the room is a helpful way to stay organized. You can take it a step further and buy stickers at Home Depot or Walmart with these colors so that you can easily label the boxes. This can also be helpful if you have hired movers to come in and help.
  • Keep things in clusters. This may seem like common sense, and it is, but there comes a point where it’s tempting to just start throwing things in boxes. Or is that just me? I’m not known for my patience, but that’s another story. Keep like items with like items so it’s easier to unpack. For instance, keep book ends with books and so forth.
  • Start packing early. Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. There is much that can be packed up early–stuff in the attic, things you don’t necessarily use daily but that are making the move with you. Pare down the needed items and start boxing up the rest.
  • Dual purpose items. If you have, say several pieces of luggage and duffel bags, use them to pack things like sheets, towels, etc.
  • Valuables and important papers. These items should be secured and the last to go. In fact, it’s best to keep them with you rather than to send them on the truck, if you can. Check your homeowners insurance to see if you have any coverage during the move and what would need to be done should you need to make a claim. Important papers include closing documents, bills, birth certificates, and more.

I can’t promise these tips will take away all your stress, but it will certainly help you move in the right direction. Happy Packing!

This is a guest post by Ashley, a freelance writer for DIY Mother and specializes in all things DIY/home improvement. She’s been known to start painting or resurfacing a table on a whim, which often perturbs her husband, but he’s a good sport.

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3 thoughts on “Moving Day Preparation and Tips”

  1. I cant even pick one or two suggestions that are the best because they are all important!!! I have moved and helped people move SO MANY times and you HAVE to stay organized people!!! Use these suggestions and you will not regret it!

  2. Great tips! I hate packing, I moved cross country 2 years ago and I don’t think I ever recovered from it haha! Starting early is a must imo the earlier the better and yes always assume you will need more boxes than you really do.

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