“Almost Naked Animals” Volume 1 DVD Review

Almost Naked Animals Volume 1

If you haven’t yet heard of Almost Naked Animals (I hadn’t until a couple of weeks ago), it is one of the top-ranked animated shows for kids ages to 6 to 11 years old on Cartoon Naked and YTV in Canada. The show is based on the quirky designs of Noah Z. Jones, who is also the creator of Fish Hooks.

A synopsis of the show:

Almost Naked Animals is a joyously irreverent animated comedy series, featuring a lovable assortment of free-spirited animals (who happen to be in their underwear), led by Howie, the animals run a beach-front hotel, the Banana Cabana–doing their best to make each day more fun than the last.

On September 25th, Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals will be available on DVD.

Banana Cabana Welcome Package

I was recently able to sit down with my stepdaughters and fiance and check out Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals before it comes out on DVD, which was really great! We received a Banana Cabana Welcome Package, which included the Almost Naked Animals Volume 1 DVD, Almost Naked Animals tote bah, notebook, party coaster, t-shirt, as well as a few joke items that we really had a blast with, including a whoopie cushion and a fake ice cube with a fly inside.

While we originally started out the day with both of my stepdaughters in the living room to watch the DVD, only one of them was very interested in the Banana Cabana Welcome Package and the show. Rylie, who is 6 years old, wasn’t interested in anything besides the fake fly in the ice cube. In fact, before we even got through the entire welcome package, a fight had already broken out about who gets it. The things kids will fight about, really… Lydian, who is 8 years old, was absolutely thrilled with the entire Banana Cabana Welcome Package. She is starting third grade this year and was excited about bringing the Almost Naked Animals notebook to school with her, and she immediately put the t-shirt on as soon as it came out of the tote bag.

Almost Naked Animals is really interesting and thoroughly entertaining. The off-the-wall humor that sometimes borders on slightly gross (there’s an entire episode about ear wax and an Ear Wax Elf), reminds me quite a bit of Rocko’s Modern Life, which I watched all the time as a kid and am still a fan of as an adult.

We had a great time watching Almost Naked Animals, and just to give you an idea of how captivating it is, Lydian, who most of the time has the attention span of a goldfish when she is here with us, sat and watched the entire 70 minutes of the DVD in one shot. That is pretty much the best testament I can give of the show’s ability to entertain.

“Almost Naked Animals”: It’s My Party! DVD Episode Synopsis

It’s My Party — Episode 101

While getting the hotel ready for a big party, everyone gets trapped in the basement–with only Duck to save them. Then, the Banana Cabana needs to be awarded at least one star by a reviewer in order to keep the hotel out of Poodle’s clutches.

Saliva Drive — Episode 102

Dirk Danger is holding a contest to find a sidekick for his new movie. Howie desperately wants the part, but when Octo wins, Howie has to help his friend make it through the stunts. Then, Howie finds a lost toy that–when you add water to it–becomes a monster truck.

One Star Hotel — Episode 103

Howie quits the hotel biz to try to lure his hero Dirk Danger out of retirement. Then, Howie leaves a humongous hunk of ear wax under his pillow for the Ear Wax Elf. But when the Elf doesn’t arrive, it’s up to Howie to figure out what he did to make the Ear Wax Elf mad!

What Would Batty Do — Episode 104

A Howie stunt goes very wrong and injures Poodle’s assistant, Batty, so Howie takes over as Poodle’s assistant while Batty recuperates at the Banana Cabana. Then, an electrical mishap leaves Duck with psychic powers–or so everyone believes. Poodle stages a Duck-napping in order to have a psychic of her very own.

Employee of the Month — Episode 105

Howie has been secretly awarding himself Employee of the Month for years. When the staff finds out they challenge Howie to take on all their jobs and do them better. Surely he’s up to it!

Duck Vinci Code — Episode 106

When the Banana Cabana runs out of food (thanks to Poodle), Howie plants a ‘magic bean.’ Next thing they know, the bean becomes a monstrous animal-swallowing plant! Then, Howie’s trapped inside the Chateau Chattoo and all his friends are stuck outside, as a ketchup, mustard, and relish hurricane rages across the beach.

Almost Naked Animals Volume 1 DVD will be available on September 25th at Target and other retailers for a suggested retail price of $6.99. the DVD also includes bonus videos including Almost Naked Animals music video, Welcome to the Banana Cabana, and Howie’s Stunt School.

In addition to the DVD release, you can also visit the Almost Naked Animals website on September 25th, when a new online community and interactive game will be launched. The game, Cabana Craze allows players to run the Banana Cabana as Howie, Duck, Octo, Narwhal, Bunny, and Piggy while accruing points and stars.

I received a Banana Cabana Welcome Package and “Almost Naked Animals” Volume 1 DVD for review as part of a promotional campaign with Child’s Play PR. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. That’s funny, I kind of didn’t think this was for kids… the title threw me off! It’s good though that it has that captivating quality to it. Sounds like a highly entertaining show too. The kit is really cool too, really original things in there. 🙂 Always looking for new ideas for DVDs… thanks!

  2. It is funny what kids will fight about. reminds me of the cereal prizes inside the box. I would open it up as soon as we got home depending on what it was. lol

  3. Sounds super funny. I really think my son would love this……sounds a lot like Sponge Bob, which he loves. Great review….as we don’t have cable, I may have to check out these DVD’s.

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