Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters Make a Healthy Snack for the Whole Family

Nature Valley Nature Valley has already become a staple in the homes of families seeking quality, healthy snacks; but with the newest addition to their roster of products, I know for sure that many more families will start to see the nutritional and yummy benefits of the brand.

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters have been in high demand in my house ever since I was sent a package of the new product in each flavor from My Blog Spark. The day I received the product, my step kids came over to visit and by the end of that night, all four packages were gone and ever since then, I have been asked by my partner several times when we were going to the store to get more of them. As soon as the brightly-colored packages were discovered on the kitchen counter, one child took the Nut Lovers, the other took the Roasted Cashew, my partner devoured the Honey Roasted Peanut, and I absolutely loved the Roasted Almond. It worked out perfectly, really, because after everyone tried each of the flavors, everyone settled on their own package and there was no fighting over the fact that someone was eating out of someone else’s package because we all, very oddly, had a different favorite flavor; except for my partner, who loved all of them and ended up eating the entire bag of Honey Roasted Peanut, as well as my Roasted Almond, so to say the least, they did not last in my house for more than a few hours.

Nature Valley

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to try the new Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters because while it goes without saying, I absolutely love finding foods that everyone will enjoy snacking on; but the reason why I love having these for a snack food is because I can feel good about eating it. There’s no guilt, there’s no worry, and there’s no regret. I am all too familiar with snacking on very unhealthy snack foods and ending up feeling lethargic and bloated. I’m a person who cannot eat a lot at one time, so I do tend to snack quite a lot throughout the day and these are an ideal food to have around the house for just that reason.

But Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters are not merely snack foods; they can also be eaten with yogurt in the morning (tip: Nature Valley also makes yogurt!), on their own while you’re heading out the door to go to drop the kids off at school and/or go to work, and they can also be packed in school lunches. Whenever you eat them, you’re going to feel great about having a nutritious snack that makes you feel energized and good about the foods you’re eating.

Nature Valley currently has a coupon you can download for $1 off their Granola Nut Clusters, so you can also feel great about the price you’re paying!

Nature Valley

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