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New Adult Shop on the Scene! Say Hi to Blushing Orchid #ad

This is a sponsored post. Incentive was provided and opinions are my own.

Blushing Orchid

Ever since I first started Woman Tribune, I have always been very passionate about maintaining a space here that celebrates sexual health and wellness. It is my very firmly-held belief that it is crucial to embrace and celebrate our sexuality, especially as women.

Women are routinely shamed, ridiculed, and judged, by society and each other, whenever there is a mere mention of a woman possessing a healthy sexual appetite or feeling entitled to or demanding pleasure. This has got to stop. Sexuality is something to be celebrated and to be proud of, and I won’t stand for anything less. Needless to say, whenever I get the opportunity to do so, I like to bring the focus here to the sexy times because hey, this is important.

Naturally, when Blushing Orchid reached out to me to help promote their new website, I was psyched to bring attention to another online adult resource so fresh that it still has that new website smell.

Blushing Orchid is a new adult shop on the scene. Majority owned and managed by a woman, they are committed to running a space that is safe and discreet. Their website is delightfully easy to navigate and beautiful in its simplicity. Way too many adult websites try to shove everything they have to offer on the main page, making it overcrowded, noisy, and confusing. It’s great to see an adult site put organization and class to work, featuring only what is important on the main page and using their valuable real estate wisely, like with a plethora of unobtrusive searchable categories housing over 2,500 different products.

Most of what you’ll find on Blushing Orchid is what you would expect from any adult site just starting out. They stock a lot of novelty toys a la Doc Johnson and Cal Exotics (and if you know sex toys, this will mean something to you.) While they do have a few Doc Johnson products, I should clarify that I couldn’t find anything from Cal Exotics specifically, but that is the closest brand of comparable quality that I could think of as I browsed through their pages of products.

While there are no big manufacturer names in lights as is typically seen on sites that have a dedicated sex toy enthusiast audience, you can find some Tantus silicone and luxury LELO products, both of which rank very highly on my list of absolute faves.

Blushing Orchid is geared more towards women and couples who are looking for fun, affordable, and low maintenance toys and aids to use together or to go solo. Their selection of toys for couples range from body and massage oils to handheld massagers and even aids for sexy shower time. Sex in the shower without the fear of slipping and getting a concussion? Sign me up!

There is a certain bestselling massively popular erotic trilogy that has a movie coming out in February 2015. Blushing Orchid has an entire section of their website dedicated to those who love the series and want to add a little Grey to their bedrooms. If that’s you, just head on over to Grey-Gasms.

Blushing Orchid

Blushing Orchid offers free shipping on orders over $50 and their shipping is discreet. See something that you need in your life (or more specifically, your bedroom?) Get 15% off your first order at Blushing Orchid with coupon code FIRST15.

7 thoughts on “New Adult Shop on the Scene! Say Hi to Blushing Orchid #ad”

  1. Thank you for being real and supporting women when it comes to sex. This post was FUN to read! “Sex without a concussion?” Sign me up too 🙂 Thank you for the coupon and letting me know about the new store.

  2. BlushingOrchid has amazing products! Everything seems so fun, I can’t decide what to buy. Thanks for the 15% DISCOUNT!

  3. Interested in the body and massage oils. Nothing like a good massage to relax and unwind. And when you pair that with a bottle of wine, it’s amazing.

  4. Sex after 40 is an evolving experience & as a newlywed we are always looking for fun new ways to spice things up. Love this post!

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