New Glade® Expressions™ Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffusers Refresh Your Home and Look Good Doing It

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine. - Glade Expressions Air FreshenersI have always been a fan of Glade® candles. The commercials with the woman who lights a Glade® candle and easily fools her friends into thinking that she is baking aren’t that far-fetched, as the power of their scents are just that good; able to escort your mind into a whole other reality for a few, short moments as you take in the scent. Even just one of their small candles fills up a moderately large space with a delicious or just plain pleasant and great fragrance, which consistently surprises me, as if I had completely forgotten how effective they are since the last time I lit one of their candles.

In time for spring and spring cleaning, Glade® has two brand new products that not only completely refresh your home, but also have a modern design that compliments your home decor.

The new Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist has long-lasting, true-to-life fragrance that opens up your home. With the standard squeeze-to-spray activation, it’s easy and comfortable to spray any area of your home; but unlike standard mists, you don’t have to hide this one in a cupboard because it is an artfully designed, surprisingly beautiful and sleek white container that can sit anywhere without looking like a bottle of air freshener. The container also has a little detail of color on the side, which accents the bottle nicely; the color is different depending on the scent you choose. What I like most about the Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist is that it’s refillable, so you aren’t going to end up having to buy multiple bottles every time you run out of fragrance, which is always good news for your wallet.

The new Glade® Expressions™ oil diffuser is just gorgeous. It has a dark wood base and two bamboo screens that keep the white diffuser card in place. You don’t have to worry about the oil ever spilling or making a mess because it is sealed into the bottom and then whisked up through the diffuser and out into the space in your home. The fragrance in the diffuser lasts for 30 days and there is absolutely no electricity needed for it to do its job. This means you don’t have to plug anything in, and you don’t have to worry about adding more oil for an entire month.

The new Glade® Expressions™ products are available in four different fragrances: Pineapple & Mangosteen, Cotton & Italian Mandarin (only available in fragrance mist form), Lavender & Juniper Berry, and the fragrance I am most excited about, Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice. Because Glade® cares, if you are not completely satisfied with the fragrance of your product, you can fill out this form and mail in the original UPC and purchase receipt for a refund, which is pretty awesome of them.

If your home could use a little freshening up, grab a coupon for $1.50 off any Glade® Expressions™ products that can be used at Walmart to take advantage of their everyday low price.

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