Nibblr Snack Subscription Box Review + FREE Boxes for ALL

I received a Nibblr snack box for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

Nibblr box

This is the third Nibblr snack box I have received in a four-box subscription (plus the first box I reviewed alongside our Nibblr gift subscription giveaway for a grand total of five boxes). Now that I am more than halfway through my Nibblr trial run, and sharing my thoughts along the way, I have to say that I am impressed with how totally okay I still am with Nibblr.

I cannot say that I am an easily satisfied person. It’s easy for me to latch onto the little things and I have been known to get bored easily and move from one thing to the next. With that being said, I still get excited when I discover my Nibblr box in my mailbox, and the quality of their snacks, portion size, and price point are all still very attractive.

The four wholesome, portion-controlled snacks featured in this box were Yogurt-Na Love It, Sesa-Me & You, Mediterranean Treasures, and Dutch Choco-Crispers.

Nibblr Sesa-Me & You Mediterranean Treasures

For the second month in a row, I received a repeat snack. I mentioned this mild annoyance in my second Nibblr box review that included the Olde World Blend mix that was also in my first Nibblr box. This time, I was treated to a second helping of the Sesa-Me & You almonds, which was also in my first box. This would have disappointed me more if I didn’t really, really enjoy the Sesa-Me & You mix, but they have been my absolute favorite Nibblr snack of all so far, so I was happy to eat them again.

Ingredients: almonds, sugar, sesame seeds, water, honey, margarine, salt

The Mediterranean Treasures mix is my least favorite of all the snacks I’ve had the opportunity to try thus far. It could be because I just received two boxes in a row that contained the Olde World Blend mix which is pretty much the same as the Mediterranean Treasures, only this one has dried apricots.

Ingredients: mission figs, date pieces, apricots

Nibblr Yogurt-Na Love It

Even with the very underwhelming Mediterranean Treasures, I still consider this box to be a big hit overall with me. The Yogurt-Na Love It mix completely lived up to its name. It is a perfectly blended mix spotlighting yogurt-covered raisins and there is a mild cinnamon taste that pairs deliciously with the vanilla of the yogurt.

Nibblr Yogurt-Na Love It opened

I wouldn’t hold it against Nibblr if they just wanted to send me an entire box of just this snack. Nope, not at all.

Ingredients: seed clusters, yogurt raisins, almonds

Nibblr Dutch Choco-Crispers

The Dutch Choco-Crispers were a very pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting much of a rich chocolate-y taste, but as I ate my second, then my third, and fourth Crispers, the dark chocolate flavor was really apparent and very delicious. Needless to say, these lasted about as long as the Yogurt-Na Love It mix — not long at all.

The only drawback I did have with this snack is that in the picture of them on the Nibblr website, they are pictured as these perfectly square and intact crisps drizzled in chocolate. I got Dutch Choco-Crispers pieces.

Ingredients: enriched flour, unsalted butter, sugar, Monterrey Jack cheese, chocolate seeds, cocoa, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, yeast, salt, antioxidants (mixed tocopherols and/or natural herbs)

Get Nibblr

The Nibblr snack subscription box delivers four (more or less) healthy, portioned snacks to your home or office weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Each Nibblr box is $5.99 including shipping to anywhere in the United States. You can save on subscription boxes if you pre-order a 4-box subscription at $5.75 per box, or a 12-box subscription at $5.50 per box.

Try Nibblr for Free

If you’re a US-based reader, you can score a free Nibblr trial snack box. Just use promo code TRIBUNE at checkout.

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  1. this looks like a really neat subscription box and I like that it doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money.

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