Nipple Charmers Beaded Tweezer Clamps Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Nipple Charmers beaded tweezer clamps Nipple clamps! There are no less than a ton of different types, styles and sizes of nipple clamps out there, all sporting their extremely confusing product descriptions and measurements which makes you start to think you must be the weird one who hasn’t measured the circumference of your nipples and don’t know if they would be considered small, medium, or large. When I first began looking for nipple clamps, I started clicking on just any set that looked cool and thought would feel great, but as soon as I started reading reviews and seeing people comment on how maybe larger-sized nipples would fit in a certain clamp better or smaller-sized nipples would definitely fit another type of clamps more suitably, I was completely confused, to say the least. Unable to shake this level of confusion, I asked around and most of the advice I received from seasoned nipple clamp users was to start with a set of tweezer clamps. Granted, I did not take that advice at first and still went for the clamps that looked the coolest. One of the three pairs I started with, the Butterfly Endurance Clamps became a favorite, although I couldn’t use them that often because of the amount of endurance it took to withstand the endurance clamps. So, after a while, I started looking for other types of nipple clamps that would suit my needs on a more frequent basis.

The very awesome folks over at Good Vibrations recently sent me a pair of Nipple Charmers beaded tweezer clamps and low and behold, all those people who had advised me to check out tweezer clamps were right. They are definitely the nipple clamps for the every person.

Tweezer clamps fit all shapes and sizes of nipples because they are adjustable; by moving a small O ring that sits at the bottom of the clamp up, you can adjust them to fit you comfortably and continue tightening them until they feel just right. The Nipple Charmers beaded tweezer clamps are made of metal with black plastic tips. Hanging off each clamp are two small beads and a charm that do not obstruct your nipple in any way; they are merely simple and fun and make you feel pretty whilst getting your kink on. I received the blue beads with star charm clamps seen in the picture above, but Good Vibrations also has pink available and they have a flower charm. I like the stars better, they’re just a little more fun and whimsical to me while also being very functional nipple clamps.

At first, I was a little confused by the O ring adjuster on the tweezer clamps, but leave it to me to be utterly confused by something so straightforward. I could not, for the life of me, figure out if I tightened them first and then put them on my nipples, and if so would I break the O ring if I tried to pry them open while they were adjusted tight to fit me? Or, I could tighten them afterward, but that initiated an awkward time of trying to keep the clamp on my nipple, while also being scared that I would go to move the O ring up and it would go up too far and then I would be in agony while trying to rip the clamp off of me. That would not be good. The first few times, I borrowed my partner’s hands to hold the clamp in place over my nipple and then adjusted it to my liking and once I was comfortable enough with them, I just held and pinched the clamp together on my own while adjusting the fit using the O ring. I think it was more my nerves that wouldn’t allow me to figure it out on my own at first rather than the tweezer clamps themselves, which now, after a few times of using them, work easily and flawlessly.

Tweezer clamps are most definitely the beginners clamps because they allow you to test the waters in terms of how much bite you want on your nipples and let you graduate to more intensity as you get more comfortable with them. I really enjoy using the Nipple Charmers beaded tweezer clamps and I can definitely use them more often than I can use my Butterfly Endurance Clamps.

Good Vibrations

Thanks to Good Vibrations for giving me the opportunity to review the Nipple Charmers beaded tweezer clamps. Check them out to see all the other nipple clamps they stock!

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