OITNB season 4

Alex is Alive, Piper is in Trouble in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Promo Photos

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  1. Emma white says:

    I haven’t watched orange is new black but heard plenty of people Mention it and I feel I’m missing out so may just have to go on Netflix later and see what I’m missing as going by this blog it’s seems a very good series to get into! 🙂

  2. I saw a few episodes when it came out. I enjoyed it. Not sure why I didn’t continue watching it, something else must have been coming on at the same time.

  3. Lawrence says:

    OITNB is a pretty good show. Right now, I’m in Banshee mode so I’m not really watching anything else. But I am looking forward to Season 4 in June.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    Oh my, I haven’t seen a single episode of this series and it’s already in Season 4! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Orange is the New Black! I would love to do a marathon some time soon to catch up.

  5. tauyanm says:

    i’ve been eyeing to watch this for so long i have not seen even one of the episode. will watch this after my New Girl Series is finish!

  6. I have heard so many good things about Orange is the New Black. I just need to find the time to actually go and watch it.

  7. Delaine says:

    I only watched like the first episode of this show and stopped. Will at the ravings about it, I still can’t find the urge to give it a watch.

  8. I CAN’T wait!!!!! OITNB is such an amazing show.

  9. Jojo Vito says:

    Oh too bad it is not showing in my country. But by the looks of your photos and the comments, I’m sure this is a good one

  10. I have not watched this show yet.. I hear it is a hoot and that it can get quite interesting. Maybe it’s time for me to take a peek myself!

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