Wordless Wednesday: Thanks, Hill’s Science Diet

Several weeks ago, I won a really great giveaway over at Create With Joy for a box full of cat food and treats from Hill’s Science Diet. With a 5-cat household, I am always trolling for pet giveaways. I enter a lot of them, and with that many cats, I’m sure you can understand my excitement over winning one. Obviously, I was not the only one so, super excited.

Devin and Vincent Hills Science Diet

My big box of kitty goodies arrived last week. Within one afternoon of receiving the box, cutting the tape open, and setting it aside,  my two oldest cats, Devin and Vincent, took it upon themselves to flip the box over, rip open the bag of cat food, and proceed to take turns shoving their heads inside the hole they created.

I also feel the need to point out here that at this time, all of their food bowls were completely full. The logic of cats.

Thanks, Create With Joy and Hill’s Science Diet!

Though not necessary, I feel compelled to share that because I won a giveaway, I was under absolutely no commitment to mention Hill’s on Woman Tribune, and had no intentions of doing so, but these pictures were just too perfect not to share.
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