Surprising Benefits of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil #ad

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Wordless Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree

The last time I did a Wordless Wednesday post, I had nothing to show for my Christmas decorating but a very sad, bare tree and bins of decorations waiting to be unloaded. That was right after Thanksgiving, and I cannot believe I never posted pictures of how it came out.

This is what happens when you take a picture of your Christmas tree with settings for taking pictures of fireworks. Pretty cool, right?

Christmas tree lights

My new favorite ornament that my aunt gave me for my birthday. It’s a CUPCAKE!

cupcake ornament

Merry Christmas, everyone! If you celebrate, I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday filled with family and everything that is most important in life.
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It’s Chime Time! New “Tickety Toc” Toys are at Toys”R”Us — Tickety Toc Clockhouse and Musical Pufferty Train Giveaway [Closed]

Did you and your preschooler tune in to the special holiday Tickety Toc episode, “Christmas Present Time,” last Saturday? If not, don’t worry, it will be re-airing on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Check your local listings for air times and enjoy the fun-filled, festive adventure of Tommy and Tallulah as they work together… Read More »

Make Smoothies, Juices, Dips, Sauces, and More in Seconds with the Magic Bullet — Giveaway Event [Closed]

There are a few hours every night, typically between the hours of 2am and 5am, when most people (we’ll call them the “normal people”) are fast asleep in bed. I, as you may have already guessed with my normal people crack and all, am not usually one of those people. But that’s okay, because it… Read More »

IfOnly is Making Extraordinary Experiences a Star-Studded Reality + Uncommon Holiday Gift Ideas

You know that excited feeling you get when you find something cool and really different that you just can’t wait to share it with someone? Well, that is exactly how I felt when I came across IfOnly. We all have those ultimate, life-altering things we want to do, and plan to do, but sometimes never… Read More »

Be a Master of Efficiency this Holiday Season with the @YP Mobile App and Website — Yellow Pages Prize Pack Giveaway [Closed]

We are coming down to the final week before Christmas, and for many, this will be the busiest week of the entire holiday season. Chances are that more than a few of you out there are looking at your to-do lists and seeing a lot of things that still need to be crossed off. Last-minute… Read More »

Monday Morning Tunes: Bright Eyes Christmas Album

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. Christmas is only 9 days away, and oh I am feeling festive. Very festive. In fact, as of the very moment I am typing this, I am in my living room wearing Christmas-themed pajamas while enjoying the multi-colored lights from my Christmas tree as sappy holiday movies I am only somewhat paying attention to play in the background.

When I am not binging on holiday movies so sweet they could give Scrooge a toothache, I have been listening to Christmas music. Obviously, there is no better time to share one of my favorite Christmas albums with you than right now when so many of us are in the Christmas spirit.

Bright Eyes is, and has always been, an exercise in extraordinary fandom for me. The moniker in which Nebraskan singer/songwriter Conor Oberst used as a vehicle for over a decade’s worth of songs, Bright Eyes began as a solo act that grew to include a rotating lineup of multi-instrumentalists and even full orchestras.

Bright Eyes is an exploration in gritty folk, indie rock, and even electronica at times. Oberst’s music has always been written with a biting, harsh, aching honesty that instantly hooked me and never — not even once — let me go.

From the very first time I heard Bright Eyes, back when I was in the 9th grade, I knew I had discovered something truly special that could only come from someone who lives and breathes passion for what they are doing, and who possesses heaps of talent to take it all the way. And I was right.

The fact that Bright Eyes released A Christmas Album delights me to absolutely no end. The album was released in 2002 and I have listened to it throughout many holiday seasons. Unfortunately, it is a disappointingly short album at just over 30 minutes. However, it is beautiful and worthy of several listens.

It is always interesting to see how musicians will interpret or cover a song that is not theirs, and when they are classic Christmas songs and your favorite singer/songwriter, it is all the more interesting, and very special.

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Rediscover Your Favorite Movies with Blu-ray Special Features — Blu-ray #MovieMagic Giveaway [Closed]

We all have our favorite movies that we think we know everything there is to know about. When DVDs were gaining some major steam and replacing VHS tapes, one of the biggest selling points (besides the majorly improved video and audio quality) were the special features. Now that Blu-ray has solidified itself as the way… Read More »